Love you dear life.

Messed up career, lost relations, health problems; life never appeared to be tough like it’s now. But frankly if you’d ask me, my answer would be it never been so lovely.

Throughout my lifetime many hurdles have came up and I even managed to tackle them all alone. I was happy I did strongly. Although the truth was my strength deteriorated within me. Somewhere deep in the corner of my heart, I was sad as being alone was the least thing I would want to expect from my life.

Presently, when everything is hopeless still I find I am super satisfied. Those hopes don’t really seem to affect me adversely.

To my surprise, indeed I have never acted so lovie-dubie all the time. Every moment I just feel like keep showering my love on the people in my life, for being a part of me. No other thought wishes to occupy my mind.

Hugs, kisses, sweet talks, pampering, helping around is all you would find me doing. The most shocking is I don’t complain about getting any amount of work given, how much lazy or unwell I might be feeling. I accomplish it all active and fresh.

Before I used to panic when a fear struck me but now I seem to react completely opposite as instead I prefer to breathe in relaxation and laugh.

The best thing (or you can say worst) thing is I have turned up more crazy; I smile more than required, I sing and dance more joyful, I spread more mess around foolishly, I admire getting as many scoldings. The twinkle in my eyes is clearly visible, my tears had like forgotten its path and no wonder I had started to fall in love with the person I disliked the most- That’s me. It suddenly hit me that I am not too bad, only bit over stupid n silly.

Today I am truly alive after living my death so far. I want to thank those who had kissed my life to make me wake up from my sleep. Thanks for the assurance that life with you, could be more beautiful than dreams and so, I don’t wish to close my eyes. Thanks for wiping away the tears, I had been holding behind those eyelids, and pouring your love into them. Above of all this thanks for the promise- you’ll never disappear from the view and allowing me to trust on you that I wouldn’t need to search you anywhere as you’ll be standing affixed forever in front of me, for me.

P.S. Forgive me for not bringing up any post since past few days, I had been so busy enjoying. 😀


Isha 🙂



4 thoughts on “Love you dear life.

  1. You post just made me smile. Keep being as optimistic and lively as you say you are, and all the problems will soon get frustrated and leave you with your happy-happy life. Take care. 🙂


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