In your remembrance

You were a part of me and today when I have lost you; it feels a part of me had dropped down.

This post might not mean anything to anyone but to me it’s something I really owe to her, to the lady who is my grandmother.

Badi mumma, as I call her, you will always stay alive in my heart. This is in your remembrance for you were among those few people in my life whom I feel proud to know. You were an inspiration to me in many aspects. I could have never got elderly love but you gave the much you had with you.

The intense care you showered on us, those delicious dishes you had relished us with, the great teachings you gave to us, that scolding’s you protected us from, the wonderful stories you had shared, that healing of our injuries with your medications and the forever support shield you had built around us.

A nurse by profession and a kind hearted lady by persona you had until the end of time, taken everyone worries without any complaint or expectations. Unfortunately, you had by no means allowed any of us to give anything in return to your extreme care. Even in the hardest times of yours, you practised to spread love instead of considering our help. I wish you’d accepted it for now it makes me feel very poor in front of your deeds. I am sorry I couldn’t give what you deserve.

Sadly, my words too fall short to express my gratitude as the love and respect I have in me for you is beyond any description. I admit that you were like a shadow of mother and managed to fill the space of your daughter in her absence.

Thank you for being in my life and explain me the true meaning of it. The place you owned would always seem empty and incomplete without you. I’m honoured to say I’ve been lucky to know you as a human. The struggle, the pain you had lived all through your life; no one could have dare to face and survived.

Memories stays with us, when everything fades in a life. Its nearly irrelevant to say, you’ll be in my heart forever.. For its obvious.

May your soul rest in peace and I wish in every birth of mine, I get the privilege to meet you.


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