Fever Mania

I am crazy, anyone would agree on this statement of mine but these days I had not been mad at all. Trust me. I was the best patient ever to my doctors. They wanted me ill and I was fulfilling their wish by giving up my screwed up body to them.

Test, reports, medicines, sickness and upon that un-tasty diet has been all about my past 2 weeks. Expectedly I was supposed to do much stuff but have things ever been fair with anyone? No, right.

Unfortunately, every plan bashed up by the stupid typhoid. So, I was completely hospital bed ridden and all feeling home sick.

People kept wondering and maybe they are still doing while reading this “I am always so sick”.

Oh! You needn’t wonder for I truly agree with that and to the extent you can’t imagine. But please do not blame me for this, I am not the reason. Never was I and never I would be. If someone has to be blamed, it’s you yourself who is wasting time wondering this, for shouldn’t you have known it much before you knew me.

Anyway if you think I am talking crap then might be anyone would do after the fever had stroked them to the best of temperatures. For the second time in my life, I was not even sure of my survival but gladly I am here to eat up your head. Frankly, I can’t express how lightened it feels to once again say whatever you wish on your own blog.

Well, of all this idiotic stuff I’ve written above I want to end on a very sweet note. Thanks to all those who had been there for me, caring and showering their blessing on me. Love you darlings and most of all to the wonderful phone caller, your voice had played best to help me recover soon. It was just twice but yet the way you assured me you are by my side, it was worth living the moment.


2 thoughts on “Fever Mania

  1. I don’t think there’s anyone who’s not thrilled for your comeback to eat our heads 😀 Hope you get perfectly alright soon, and no such fever comes anywhere around you ever again.


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