It’s all about LOVE

It’s a great pleasure to know the friend, who means to you your life, loves your art of writing. So, dear this one is just for you, reason being anything you say, oblige me to do it for you my darling.
Like we say in a Hindi dialogue “tum kuch kaho aur mein na dun, aisa ho nahi sakta” 😉
Well, I couldn’t come up with something so interesting but yeah here is a poem I had written, hope you admire it.

Oh love! Why it is too unpredictable?
When we are unknown of it,
We feel incomplete.
When we admit we are into it,
We are made to feel incomplete.

If left unsaid,
It pricks us.
If expressed into words,
It hurts us.

It doesn’t need weathers or seasons,
It‘s just all about feelings and emotions.
Intense, as it is;
We fall deep within it.

Far away from the world,
We just think of him.
In between the rush,
We look out for him.

Day are passed,
Thinking of him.
Nights are followed,
Dreaming of him.

Oh love! Why are you so unpredictable?
When we need you,
We are made to sacrifice.
When we get you,
We are ready to give up.


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