Express yourself

I know it is a quick entry from my last one, as per my current record. Well, I thought it’s good if I be regular now.

(Ah! Liar me, speaks the lie very smartly)

Frankly, I wanted to share a one shot I had recently written. I am here to make you read that, with a hope that you grasp and understand the words, the message, the feelings behind it.

I am not letting you know what I wanted to express through it, I would want you to tell me. So here we go!!!


The bottle spins leisurely on the table as everyone eyes were set on it. Slowing its speed, the thing stopped making its direction towards her.

“Kiah, you are caught!” The gang screamed her name aloud, pointing at the bottle.

The girl opened her eyes wide in distrust.
No! It shouldn’t have been her, she thought staring at the pair of eyes cornering her sitting opposite.

“Let’s make her dance, what do you say Rohan?” one of the girls exclaimed. Followed were many giggles at flushed expression of Kiah.

He nodded in rejection. The girl pouted and Kiah faked a smile. She was busy wondering what was coming next. Everyone laughed bemusedly as she bit her lower lip.

“Make her do sexy ramp walk. LOL!” the boys chuckled but were interrupted by his stern gaze. Kiah exhaled the breath she had been holding.

“Kiah…” Rohan spoke glancing directly in her eyes. All of them around went silent at that ‘awe’ moment.

Kiah knew it was not the right time and place to share an eye-lock and she rolled her eyes sideways.

“Do you want to confess something?” the question traveled with sensitively from his mouth to her ears as he spoke in his adorning voice. The hearts raced up at his statement.

“Err… I don’t think so…”

Each one of the present over there in the college canteen stared wildly at the couple. They knew that’s how they were meant to be, only if she took the initiative to confess her love courageously.

“I…I…” Kiah hesitated in the atmosphere, which had suddenly turned hot with so many gaping around at her.

“Say it Kiah!” Her friend kept a hand of comfort on her shoulder, trying to help her utter her words.

“I don’t want to confess anything” She let it go at once and quickly stood up to rush out of the scene.

“Wait!” Rohan blocked her path by his hand.

“But I want to…” he paused. “I love you!”

The word flowed out melodiously in his voice. Her time stopped, her feet freeze, her eyes fixed, her body still, her palpation increased and her mind wishing she could hear it endlessly.

“I love you, Kiah.” He muttered huskily nearing her, fulfilling her want.

Once again, she tried to connect their hearts to listen her. A huge sound of bell rang disturbing her.

“Oh shit! It’s the head-kicking professor class.” The crowd said disgusted and everyone left for the class ending her dream like reality.

“Come on Kiah, say it quick girl.” Rohan’s friend spoke excitedly supporting his unspoken desire.

“What?” she replied absent minded. Her mind and heart was yet admiring his features.

“Give the answer to his declaration of loving you. Don’t you love him?” the question came up speedily.

All of the eyes were at her now, including his, impatient for her to say the most awaited words.

Kiah felt as she was the deer caught in the headlights. She gulped.

“Let’s move up for class… we are getting late” Rohan said saddened.

He gave her a last look and walked off.

The answer of his declaration of loving you– The former words of the phrase stroke her. He truly loves you, dumb head pumpkin. She parted her lips to express, that their feelings were similar, but her voice was stuck midway. She couldn’t pronounce and disappointed, as she had made everyone, she left the place.


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