Your Voice


If you are wondering that how come I still exist than yes, I do just like any of your biggest nightmares. *evil laughs.

Okay! Jokes apart, Once again I am back here with some more words and some more feelings attached along; talking crazy like always. Yet hoping you’d love it.

The moments becomes special, the time seems to belong to you only, the in depth pain feels soothing, the lips forms curves to smile endlessly, the eyes glow with shine of happiness, the ears doesn’t wish to respond to surroundings as its engaged in hearing the charming voice- Your voice.

My heart always urges to hear more from you for its gives an utter satisfaction of your presence and an assurance that I am still breathing, having you in my life.

Thoughts doesn’t really matter at that instant, when we are talking, as my mind is transfixed in getting to store whatever you say, in my memory permanently. Yet it tends to fail in replaying, insisting me to hear it again over time live by you.

I wonder truly what magic you hold as nothing could have affect me so intensely. But with you, it’s always been a pleasure to get trapped in words uttered by the enchanting voice- Your voice.

Don’t you too agree with me, there is always a voice, with whom we fall in love?


Isha 🙂


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