You were my Mentor :)


Before you hit me and produce that sound let me apologise for not blogging since past few days. Err… I was stuck with something very busy? If you know me, you won’t accept it.

Yes, I am never dishonest about my stupid excuse of being lazy and I adore the way you always forgive me sweetly without any complaints. Haha!




Today this post of mine is dedicated to all those wonderful teachers, who have been my guidance all through my life. Might be presently you won’t be near me to honor me with your teachings but I am very sure about this, that your blessings are always with me. The path you showed me, the teachings you taught me, the faith you built in me; I’ll never let anything from those lose its value. Not that it’s a promise but a hope which is not going to die with my alive soul.

Whenever I had ended up myself in a problem, you had been my solution.

A human being is incomplete without the people around him, you too include in making me what I ought to be. For me you are not a part of crowd who had passed by me, Instead you had stopped beside me, to hold me giving an assurance of success.

If I was asked to list down all those moments you have encouraged me by being my strength, its completely tough. As there has been endless support I have received by your side. However, my memory won’t fail to remember them ever.

Thanks for everything you did for me, I truly owe you.



Isha 😀



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