My gestures, they speak!

The day is special for me, the reason is something I don’t wish to share as I don’t want to value it in just few words, but this moment made me think of giving a thought to explain myself a bit more to my readers. So, I am here with this another post of mine, which is simply about me and my beliefs.

You’ve heard me many times stating that “When I say, I mean it.” I truly do but apart from my words, even my gestures speak my thoughts. They are never meaningless and this is because for I believe words are not just enough to express yourself to the best and I always desire to give my best, at least when it’s about relationships.

Someone once said me, actually not just once but THRICE to be precise, that I am not very expressive. And I should LEARN to do it more. I hope I don’t need to point out about whom I talking, the one can easily make it, it’s about you.

So, for you there is something I like to say…

I take those words of yours. But to speak frankly you are no one to comment on and suggest me something like this just because you know me the way you had understood me, not the way you were suppose to.  It’s your mistake to claim that you know me being my friend, although this statement of yours certainly proves it wrong. It isn’t really tough to know me, only if you allowed yourself. Every time you said that, it pricked me hard. If something I had always treasured in my life, that’s my relations and for letting them know how much I’ve loved, I express to any extent. I needn’t need someone else asking me to do that.

And still if you don’t take my words then I wish to share something, hope it changes your point of view. As it really matters to me that you know me, the way any of my friends is suppose to.

  • People say I love giving surprises to others and that’s true, I had always been eager to plan surprises at any occasion. In fact I even love getting surprises 😉 Reason I’ve said it before; they speak more than few words, allowing the person to understand how special he/she mean to us. When we receive them, there is different spark of happiness to be seen in their eyes, which ultimately gives us a pure satisfaction of seeing them feel delighted.
  • I am known as a big chatterbox. No doubt in it I am, as I talk a lot with my loved ones. If you’d notice I said with my ‘loved ones’. I don’t do that with everyone or anyone as I consider spending my precious time sharing my thoughts only with someone who values in my life. Why would I do with strangers until I don’t know them or wish to know them? Now, this was another fact revealing I express myself. It’s not that I don’t like being silent. I am no different, even I wish to re-collect my energy yet I don’t let my mouth take rest for it needs to give time to someone who deserves it.
  • Usually when we meet someone, we shook hands pleasantly, but I don’t really do with anyone. I simply prefer to be verbal. For me it means to trust that person whose hands I am holding, It expresses that I allow that person to enter my life and stay forever, I expect the give and take of love n care, The grip shows that I won’t let that person walk out of my life ever for I need his/her presence. It speaks my commitment.
  • How often do you call someone and how soon do you end those calls? My calls to my dear ones usually extend not less than 20mins even when I am busy in work. There’s a reason behind it. I am sure they’ve not noticed I never like to cut the call from my end. So, it exceeds until they themselves do that or some urgency. My ears always wish to hear that voice, like forever. I couldn’t force them to stay stick to my side but I can’t myself ask them to leave. Thereby, I live those moments until they get busy into their own life.
  •  Unlike other girls, I am not so much into hugging at every excitement. I do it very rare to my special people. Hug is not just a touch, when it comes to my definition. It means for me to allow that person to touch your soul. It makes one feel weaker in those arms, so that they can act stronger, protecting your from your surroundings. It means letting someone be too close to you, to hear his/her breathe, for their survival is your lifeline.

Just like these little descriptions of my gestures and their speech of definitions to me there are many more which gives a meaning to my way of expressing. I don’t say you too follow what I believe. But I am sure you would agree with it, these gestures give a unique happiness. Isn’t it?

Yeah, I agree in our life we sometimes need to be professional also, that’s where I don’t use my personal tactics. So, if you don’t mean to me anything, I prefer doing any such act for formality out of respect. And for that very moment, I have no feelings of mine attached with it. However, I bet it’s tough to decide easily if it’s my respect with I’m speaking to you or my true emotions for you. That’s somewhere I admire being secretive. The person who could really read the truth behind those secrets is surely the one to understand me the best.


Isha ❤


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