Coffee with Isha

The clock bells exact at 12 and I woke up to wish “Happy birthday to me!!”

Another special day and another time I’m back with my most favourite show. I’m sure many of you must be wondering it sounds like some television program. Well, then you thought it correct, for it is inspired from there itself but I presented in my own way and in my own style. Now, before you get more confuse let me make you aware that how I exactly came up with it.

March 2008, when I officially joined this online world, as before that, I merely used it just for emailing. I started by being a part of very known site Indya forum and by passing time I used to bring out lots of different activities over there. Later as I got much involved into those fan clubs I liked the friendly people, who too were a part of them and I happen to introduce this exciting show of mine in which I used to interview different members every month.

But today is my day and so unlike any other day; it’s going to be special. That’s a reason I’m conducting this show on my own blog and it’s about the host itself, that’s none other than me!!

I want to dedicate this sweet little episode of “My birthday Special” to all my lovable friends. Happy friendship day! Here is something I wrote for you all… (I sometimes try a bit of shayari so don’t mind if didn’t came out to be good)

Yaron ki dosti yaad ati hai,

Woh pal yaad aate hai,

Woh beetein huye kal yaad aate hai..

Yeh Pal.. yeh guzre huye kal

Kabhi na humse chute, kabhi na humse bhule.

Bas har pal dil se ki huyi,

Dost ke liye dua yaad aati hai.

Today in this show I give you a chance to question me anything you ever wish to, even can get out my secrets LOL! I assure you I would be very honest in answering them, but but but… you can’t be asking me that personally for it’s allowed only here on my show. If I’m showing my honesty you too should have guts to ask them here.

Interviews are done of celebrities and famous people. So what’s so big deal in that? Even I am a star, if not today but someday I too would be a star, over there up in the sky, twinkling to shine and spread my light of happiness in your life.

Birthday starters: My wonderful day always have been lucky enough to begin with lots of wishes from my dear ones. And I really admire it that way. For it makes me feel my day complete with their presence into it. Those special and sweet words truly cherish the moment to the best.

I was glad for hearing the first wish from my sister, as this year she had managed to stay awake for me. Cool right?

Further My first call wisher was really unexpected but surely the best and yeah I can’t forget my two best buddies had together wished me unplanned on conference. So, it was kind of super cool for me.

Birthday gifts: I’m crazy about gifts because they are nothing but a sweet way to express our love. Its quit common we expect wonderful gifts on our birthday and I’m no different for I admire the exciting surprises they carry. Even if I get to know them in advance, as I m too naughty to make them out early, yet I dun spoil them. I just love to unpack those neatly wrapped gifts. Although I’m very bad and impatient to tear them off, making a mess of it and once I’m done I dun mind keeping them (not throwing) aside. Mind it!! I’m wild but to an extent 😉

Now, this time I got my so ever desired gift and I’m too damn happy for receiving it. I still can’t stop hugging it again & again. I surely couldn’t wish more than it. But personally I want to thank all those who had given me the best gift of my life and that’s your innumerable wishes to bless a new life to me. You guys made my survival possible again and I truly love you a lot for that and when I say a lot… I really mean it.

Yeah now this doesn’t mean I am done with them. I’m always hungry to get those awesome wishes and support forever. For today if any of you had forgotten to wish me… So, make it fast before the day ends.. I don’t mind if you’re considering me a shameless birthday gal. I adore being this way and I’m sure you too. Isn’t it??

Speciality about this special day: Usually we wait for our someone special to make us feel special on birthdays. But knowing my special darlings as the laziest I’m doing on their behalf LOL!

Honestly they had already surprised me by their so special deeds. This year I’ve got to get my appreciation in abundance. Guys, stop doing that or I’ll get jealous of my own self.

And not to forget to mention my few darling friends have touched my heart. That lil blog dedicated to me, the video of bonding, those beautiful words and pictures. You took away my heart and brought tears of happiness in my eyes. They might mean nothing to world, but to me you had given a moment of heaven.

Nothing can be special more than living a life with such dear ones. You made it worth by your presence. If you are with me, I don’t mind any sufferings, for your love would be its healer.

My promise: On every birthday we promise something to ourselves and I made a promise to myself that I’ll make this day special not only for me, but for every that person who is related to me. So, with the hope of fulfilling that I am here sharing my complete world with all of you. A world which is incomplete without my sweethearts. It’s tough to express my gratitude towards them in words as they deserve beyond those meaningful sentences.

I feel so obliged and honoured to have such wonderful people as a part of me, who have always affected my life in positive manner. They’ve not only taught me about being the one I wished to be but even been my inspiration, my motivation, correcting me whenever I go wrong, supporting me whenever I was about to fall. They’ve always filled the emptiness in my life by sometimes being a teacher, a friend, a brother, a parent, a mentor, a guardian. I couldn’t be what I am today, without you all.

Listing them in names would appear quite lengthy but I won’t want to miss chance to mention few of among them.

My family and that not only includes my adorable parents and elder sister but even you. “You” are my things in my house where my little family resides. You might be a non living thing yet have been a part of it forever, helping me to do stuffs.

Then comes my life, my most special friends. Now, when it is to choose who is more special than others, I couldn’t make it out. As each one of you means me much special than a diamond to ring, a spark to light, flame to candle, etc. For like all these you all too have brightened me, making me shine with your light of love in me.

Allow me to end this with a hope that this sweet world of ours will never end and we would keep celebrating together, like forever. Don’t forget to smile, as I wrote this thinking of gifting lots of smiles in return to everything I owe you.




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