This one is for you!

Last night when I slept I had made up my mind that I won’t let myself feel more guilty by throwing up my frustration of my loved ones. I decided the coming few days I would spend with only myself, all alone. I envy myself for the way I reacted with my friends these days. They do understand me, but that doesn’t mean I carry on being rude with them just for the sake I am not well.

My decision was fixed this time. Indeed I had kept my phone switched off for not even thinking about keeping in touch and ending up in the similar situation once again. But like it’s said work can’t be delayed and so even I couldn’t deny performing my work, which I was assigned. It was purely work thing and I was on the verge of finishing it when you called up.

Your voice, it worked as a perfect healer to my sorrows and your sweet words, gave a new hope to me dear.

“Life without you is not worth living” I may have said that in a poetic manner but I really do mean that. Unknown of my problems, unknown of my state of mind, unknown of the fact that I fake to you; yet so innocently you managed to bring that lil smile on my face by your lovable talks. I would have said it many times, but I would love to repeat it again “Love you so much!”

I know you might be super surprise to read this one, as you kiddingly said to write something for you. I wasn’t willing to as I really don’t want anyone to feel jealous of me for having you. Although I would love to tell everyone that yes, I am truly treasured by a wonderful partner like you, who is a precious part of me and my life.

(P.S., I am sure you’re going to make my crazy by putting up endless questions for what I admitted above.)


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