Father’s Day Special

A girl like me couldn’t get the best, more than you as a father- Dad!

A mother is someone who bears endless pains, stays sleepless for nights, forgets her hunger, sacrifices her happiness and this all is done, just to gain a single smile on the face of her child.  Moreover this smile tends to turn into laughter if that mother is supported by her life partner.

Dear Dad, I had always appreciated you for you are such a lovable hubby to my mom. There is no doubt in the fact, no one had loved her more than you. She means to you the only true love of your life and for this love lady of yours, you had even agreed to be a wonderful father to us.

Nurturing a 2 years old naughty daughter when her mother is at work is something which is not a cup of tea for every man. But you did it for you managed your work along & had always tried best am not left alone unknown of the not-so-expressed fact by me that, I hate lonelineliness. Likewise you had always stood by my side whenever you felt it’s required.

Our perceptions never match yet I admire the way we tease each other, fight on silly discussions which never ends up on any conclusions. Instead you start sharing your life experiences and I listen them admiring totally. You’d never mind my non-stop stupid questions. Rather you used to answer them politely.

The way you had cared for me, I am sure none could have done. Being the most careless and irresponsible, I had been such a dependent kid of the family. But you had totally pampered me accepting my nature. However I had been scolded too many times by you but still I am glad you had understood my immature nature and forgiven me.

With you in my life, I never felt I ever need a brother because you’d always played that role too. When you show the possessiveness for me, I really can’t resist cuddling you though I rarely do that.

Everyone says daughters are very close to their mothers. But I say don’t forget that they are even darling to their fathers. So for me you both, mom and dad, together complete my existence.  And Dad, howsoever you may mean to the world but to me you’re beyond what I deserve.

You simply rock and I really love you loads 🙂


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