“Rabta” this song is from a bollywood movie. Maybe it’s not an extraordinary one to share over here.


Nevertheless, I am sharing it here, I really don’t know why and what soothes me when I hear it. But yeah surely it touches my deeper inside. It let me enter into my own imaginative world.

A world where my heart is waiting for that single someone special of mine. A partner who happens to know me more than me, love me like no one could ever, comfort me when I am in pain, bear my silliness, admire my childish nature and never stop me being one. He holds my hand and takes me away from all, where only we both reside and no one can disturb us. He reads my pearly tears and wipes them off with his hand. He kisses and hugs me just to bring that shine of happiness on my face.  We share endless laughs together and a bonding meant forever, not even death separating. The relation which can’t change by passage of time, Instead grows stronger as we move on. He let me feel my whole world in him.

I am sure many of you who will be reading this might be shocked. For you know me as a girl who fear marriage, binding into a relation. Yes, I do and that’s a hard truth of my reality. But imagination always shows you the weak part of yours. And no doubt love is my weakest point. Indeed love gives you strength to fight with others but not with the person you love. With him/her you’ll be weak and thus allowing to steal away your heart because of a word called Trust.

Someone said to me once “don’t bind your heart, let it flow.”

I say, let me live alone for still I couldn’t find you or don’t want you to find me, my true love. I know with you I’ll be weak and so I choose the reality i.e. to be stronger.



Let me know your views

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