A Farewell to you…


Sometimes someone enters into your life in such an exotic manner that thereby, they become a need to your survival. Such is the case with me after having her in my life.

“Karishma” The word means miracle and truly she did a magic to me.

Around 8 years back when we met, you had many options but you had chosen me. I still consider myself lucky to have you when I had nobody. The alone girl to whom everyone rejected or cheated, you supported her by showering love on her. You allowed me to reform my trust and give my best to a new relation, which we had just bonded.

After losing someone when you get a similar face, the person brings back the charm in your life. Same way you played the exact role of my lost birth partner. The thought of your being around me means breathe to my dead soul. Your innocent smile and talks has always been a pain reliever to me. They gave me strength to protect you from any harm so as I never lose the shine of your happiness in my life.

Maybe that’s the reason even my destiny is jealous for giving me the best, that’s you. She tried endless time to snatch you away but silly had forgotten, it could apart us but not makes us separate. For now I won’t let it happen. Even today, another time we are being tested for you are asked to go, leaving me alone.  It seems like my soul won’t rest in peace and would keep waiting for you like forever…

With that every step of yours, which is making us apart;

With that every second of clock, which is killing the time;

With that each mile crossed by you, which is bring distance to us;

I feel I am losing my real self, my existence.

I met you with a smile on my face, but don’t consider that happiness. It’s a regard in return to your care and love on me. It’s a farewell wish, to spread that smile in your life.

My words don’t mean anything without you dear. I might have not said to you but my heart always cried to utter “Please don’t go!” Yet I won’t stop you for your better future. You too have a life which got a greater right on you, more than me.

So here I am ending with on this sweet note “Love is not just for lovers, friends share deeper bonding the definition of love”. Don’t ever miss me and if you do, you’ve got my diary of memories.

Let’s once again sing along the poem I wrote for you.


Yours only Mirchi


2 thoughts on “A Farewell to you…

  1. Read this.Well,not much I can say,but yes, TRULY from the heart. Yes,I understand the pain and how it feels,not the same way for each relation is different. I have gone through that,year after year,when someone left me. I still wish they come back in my life,
    but atleast wish,And I know,it won’t be the same way as yours. The way you described your friend,at some level,made me feel jealous,but then,U know,you have someone thats priceless. The person who is with you,when no one is,yes..that person is very very
    special,if not the most special.
    But know,when something begins, it has to end,but the end is what is not destined,we can always rewrite that,coz GOD has left that to us. And to be honest,physical distance,though its hard,very tough actually,but doesn’t create distances within us,if the love is true and we are there to trust each other endlessly. And yes,LIFE MOVES ON! for thats how it is.. but then,the ocean of memories,maybe less,but actually,when it is rewinded again and again in our mind over a period of time,it do get big and that becomes a part of us..
    Finally cheers to her for a new life. God bless her! And remember dost,yeh life bahut badi hain.. =)


    • Yep true.. nothing to say just that thanks for blessing her.
      We both have managed to go through this even before, twice. But as the bonding grows it becomes more tough to stay apart. Isn’t it?


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