The Shattering Truth!

It was another day; she woke up to find he wasn’t beside her.

He stood there in the balcony admiring the scenic beauty of the nature. He was completely lost that he couldn’t notice his wife coming nearer to him, talking her views of the wonderful weather. He was unknown of her arrival until she hugged him from back. The touch and her aroma alarmed his nerves of her presence. He quickly shrugged her away with a thrush. The sudden lightning and thunder too accompanied her emotions. She was stunned to see his reaction.

“What’s wrong with you?” Finally her lips struggled to utter those words, which have been running up in her mind since long.

He didn’t care to answer and moved away. She wasn’t able to resist the silence anymore. She grabbed his hand from back but couldn’t match up his stiffness and lost her balance because of the wet grass.

The clouds cried in her pain as his tight hold saved her from falling her. The rages on their expressions were visible even in the sheer light. Their silent body were making the rain let them go wet completely.

Standing amidst of unexpected weather he couldn’t resist but explore her exquisite features. In response to his passionate gaze her body reflex towards him. As he brought her more nearer, she closed her eyes. A mix feeling of Shyness and confusion was clearly seen at her face. Her heart wanted to be of him.

Before she could realise her breathing has turned up faster, the passage was closed by his lips. He got wildly mad on her for not letting her apart their lips, which was busy constantly exploring each one. His hands reached up to her bare neck and felt the warmness of her body, even in such cold weather.

“Maya!” his lips murmured as he gaped away his lips to kiss her again. An abrupt current of shock went through her body & she hastily pushed him way.

She hurriedly ran inside with a heavy heart and stopped at her room. She rested her head at the window pane. She stood there thoughtful and was blankly looking at the ceiling.

It was the month of love, February and just like many singles get them married to become together a couple, she too was getting married. For wadhwa’s family it was a very big occasion as their only daughter, whom they have nourished just like a princess, was going to be of someone else.

Tonight was the night she knew her identity would be lost in someone else. But she was happy with the thought that her life got its soul mate, her life partner, who will complete her existence.

Khushi, the girl was brought up being pampered by everyone in her family. Yet she was a very responsible child. She made sure she accomplish all her duties with proper dedication and fairly. She never took any help in completing her task, though she might have been a helping hand to many of the people. Everyone admired her chirpy & friendly nature. They’ve always got amazed at her exquisite talent in almost everything and still she had managed to remain without any pride.

As the breeze touched the delicate skin of gorgeous bride and made her hair swing rhythmically, a smile curved on her lips.

Life for Khushi had been her family, work and very less number of friends. Unlike others she never felt her heart falling in for anyone. She believed that love after marriage is successful, which was fruitfully proven by her own parents who had an arrange marriage yet was known as the most romantic couple. She loved her parents a lot & knew they’ll find for her the best.

“I am sure Vinay would keep you happy forever.” Her mother has spoken as she was leaving her old home to enter for her lifetime into this new yet her own another home.

Vinay, was the youngest at his home. He was son to a renowned businessman of the city. He himself was hardworking guy as had been handling four major sector companies of his dad’s group along his own set up establishment He had brilliantly managing it. In such a small age he had made his goodwill in the corporate world as a successful architect.

The stars and moon in the sky too was shining a little more today in her happiness.  She was looking at them startled non-stop while her ears were waiting to hear those footsteps to enter in the room.

She heard a knock on the door and as she turned to respond, the knob was twisted to let the door open. Her heart beat fastened up and she could feel the thumping sound.

It was him dressed elegantly as the most handsome groom. He leisurely walked in and kept his watch along with accessories at the bed side table. She didn’t wanted to miss a single gaze of him and so kept staring at him unknown of the fact that he passed by her.

He turned to look at her and their eyes met for the first time to see into each other. She happily gave a pretty shy smile. He let it go ignored and lay down to sleep. He switched off the light.

A tear rolled down to her cheeks as she felt the awkward presence of her in the room. She felt redundant.

The most awaited night of hers has lapsed away just like a scary dream with the flow of time.

Her heart limped with the pain, as she got the answer which she was overlooking until then. The man of her life was supposed to love her but he was in love with someone else. She had lost him before she could even get him.





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