Second time!

It was different yet things were same, for you was same.

Knowingly yet unexpected one more meeting of ours. (Previous post) At the last instant, I thought it was the only moment we had spent along but you made me cherish it all through again. When you told you are coming to my city I had been waiting long for this but seeing the situations I thought it wouldn’t be possible. Even when we were planning it was being tough. Yay! We rock, for we managed to make it out.

Another time I was waiting for you at the destination. Another time I came forward to decrease your distance and another time it was you to reach me.

“Hey, hi!” I spoke as I shook hands with you. My voice seemed surprised; I too was wondering the reason behind it. Maybe I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Planning part was only the meeting thing but not anything further. We were unknown of where to go and like confused creatures we randomly choose any place to roam around. Walking on those streets was surely lame way of enjoying but then it was indeed fun along you.

Surely I was different today, for I was not so hesitating anymore like before and even my talkative mode was on. Most of all it made me to not to be the same, as I am not so willing to blog much about our encounter this time. I simply want to keep every minute I’ve lived within me. Sometimes things lost their value when expressed and it’s beyond those, much special to be formed in words.

I simply want to thank you again for beholding my pain and putting up a smile on my face by your care and presence. 


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