Let’s say it- Bye not an end!

You must be surprised to find a piece of poem, I have shared below. I too didn’t know I’ll end up sharing this though I could have like posted anything as there are many pending ones.  I am usually not fond of writing poems for I am not so creative at them. Yet sometimes I happen to and it’s when they come out straight away from my heart. Isn’t it true that a poem signifies your in deep feelings? Likely in the same manner it plays with me, every time I pen them down. Wish you could read my true inner thoughts through it.

 Let’s say it- Bye not an end!

Time to bid each other bye is arriving,

For soon you are going to leave;

I am unknown of my surviving,

As you complete me is what I believe.


If I happen to cry along you,

Do not stop my eyes from tears;

Let them flow down now,

Might be later they won’t find a shed.


I can never forget & so as you,

The trust on relation is our assurance;

You will remain forever in my heart,

A promise we made together in great diligence.


Wish I could hold on this moment,

Wish I could steal away you from all,

Wish I could never let us apart,

Buts it’s all just a wish;

As reality is wishes stays only wished.


   Lil expression of love is I am left with;

Your acceptance to it is I honour in faith.


3 thoughts on “Let’s say it- Bye not an end!

  1. “Let them flow down now,
    Might be later they won’t find a shed.”
    I liked these lines a lot!!
    The basic component of a poem is…..feelings….!! And this one has clearly depicted them….!!
    Nice poem! Welcome back 🙂


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