The Journey continues…

Hope you excuse me for making delay in updating this continuation after my previous post of Srilanka. (If you haven’t read it, make sure you click on the word ‘previous’ and read it.)

I banged on with someone who just passed by me. “Sorry” I squeaked. I don’t know if the man had listened or not as he was in a hurry.

“What if I get lost?” “What if I landed up somewhere else?” “What if some stranger started to follow me up noticing I am all alone?” “What if I couldn’t handle all the formalities & miss my flight?”

A bunch of questions ran through my mind in every microsecond. I turned to look back but couldn’t find any similar faces outside. Taking a deep breath I pushed my baggage trolley to move further. Mom had told me to go to a said gate number for submitting my baggage and collecting the boarding pass. I walked till the end and found the gate. To my horror the attendant standing over there refused to collect my baggage saying it’s for passengers of other country and not the one I was travelling to. I hadn’t mistaken to hear the gate number my mom had told me. I asked her another time just to make sure she heard it correct. “No!” she said furiously in rejection. I felt so confused at the very first step and realised I wouldn’t be able to carry the journey alone.

“Take it easy dear might be the gate number has been changed” I consoled myself. I asked many people but nobody bothered to help me and everyone was busy with their own stuffs. Walking unknown of my way with that loaded trolley I wished my parents was with me.

“Hey! Mom had even told me about the information centre” I thanked her for forcing me to listen carefully to her instructions and just then I felt relaxed to see my answer right behind me. Few people gave me a weird look for I had happened to smile looking at them, though the smile surely wasn’t for them. I didn’t care to tell they are not the reason to it.  I quickly rushed up to enquire to the guy sitting to help everyone. He seemed to me not less than any rescuer in a war LOL!

I was dumbstruck to find it was the same gate on which I had went before. “But then why the lady refused for it on being asked?” I asked this more to myself rather than that boy. Anyone in this world can go wrong but when it comes to giving up proper instructions my mom never fails, I should have known this. He felt it strange to find me thoughtfully looking somewhere.

“Sorry ma’am! Just ignore her and move to the counter” He interrupted my thoughts. Thanking him & gaining a bit confidence I went back. As I reached there again my eyes automatically scanned to find that good-for-nothing-lady. I wanted to tell her that she should be fired from her job. Never mind I was letting go every crap thing which was annoying me, from that weird looking passengers to that furious attendant. I was more concerned to take my own responsibility, which was not less than any challenge for me. For my satisfaction I confirmed from the two checking officer standing near the gate. I sighed as they nodded in acceptance. I went to the counter of my flight and waited in the queue for my turn.

It was taking long as there were so many travellers. I was scanning the people around me just when my phone vibrated. I quickly took received the call not waiting to read the name, knowing it would be mom’s call. I smiled in relief after hearing her voice. It seemed like a boost up doze to me when she once again instructed me in her sweet words. She too was glad to know I managed to find the right track. “You are my bold daughter, I know this.”  I was thoughtful how come people have faith on me more than I ever did. At last! It was my turn, I asked mom to hang up.

“I have to submit our baggage over here?” The lady responded in yes. “I shall also get my boarding pass from here itself?” She again nodded in yes. I was not yet getting assurance and I again questioned to reconfirm. “Yes ma’am, don’t worry. First show me your documents.” The answer came in very sweet tone.

I unloaded my baggage and emptied the trolley until she was making data entry. I sighed once it was done. “It’s heavy right?” I smiled back. She handed over the boarding pass as she finished up pasting those names slips on my belongings. “Ma’am this is your seat number and these are your other necessary details.” She pointed at something and went on explaining me every required thing to be followed further. No wonder she was friendly and I felt relaxed. I thanked her as I moved according to her indication to the immigration centre.

Here I go one step further-Immigration centre. I took the form to be filled and stood at a side reading it carefully. Once it was done I moved straight in the direction to the counter. Luckily there weren’t so rush. But all of my confidence went down when I noticed someone with weird looks was trying to chase me from so long. I went bewildered to find him coming near me and to stand behind me. I gasped to inform the officer, who started enquiring about from him. He was not a traveller. The guards pushed him outside as he had came fooling those at security. It was surely unexpected and scary. The formalities were quickly completed and I was sent for the final security check.

I was carrying a bottle of my favourite litchi juice along with me and they said it was not allowed inside. So, I had to leave it there itself and bid it bye. Apart from that my lil teddy too was in my handy bag. I made puppy face expressions as if expressing my willingness to take him along. They didn’t object. I was happy and sheepishly smiled. Finally I reached to most amazing place at the whole airport, the exclusive shopping area.

I wasn’t in mood to buy anything so settled myself at the sitting area. This was the time I was waiting for long-phone calls. First I dialled to my parents and assured them of my well being. The next was very obvious my friend. Actually I should say friends. Two calls were already made and before I could dial to the third person announcement of my flight interrupted my call. It was already received and so I decided to continue as I walked up till I reach to the flight. There were lots of disturbances, maybe because of low network. Even though I didn’t wished to yet I had to cut the call half way.

I was making my way inside absent minded. I boarded my flight and saw the device was still showing a bit of network. I started to type a message but was asked to be seated and keep my belongings above at the luggage area. I hurriedly found my seat and placed my things at the proper place. I was in half sitting condition, when I saw a call from dad. I was happy to receive it. I told him there was no one sitting along me, so he needn’t worry much about me. Even I was more comfortable with the same thought. He ended up after enquiring about few things and wishing me happy journey.

As I ended up with it, automatically my fingers started to type text. I didn’t want to miss any single chance to talk to my friends. Sadly only few replies came as most of them were busy. Still I was trying to cherish my every moment until the flight take off. While I was busy reading and texting, the interferer (air hostess) came to warn me for switching off my mobile. She had told me as I had entered but I never bothered to follow the rules and another time I disobeyed her by continuing doing that.

The pilot made the final call for the take off time and I was bind to stop texting any more. The flight took off and I was parted from my country, my people by growing miles.


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