Sunshine Award

I should be indeed happy for attaining this award but frankly I am not. Reason being I don’t consider myself deserving for this one. Especially at this moment I really don’t feel I’m a sunshine blogger. I am suppose to be a very cheerful and active blog writer but here forget about being that, instead I haven’t updated anything since long and not even aware of when I’ll post my next one. I am dying to do that but my problems not allowing me.

People say when you share your problem; they seem to be lighter to you as you say your heart out but for time being it’s totally contrary in my case. I’m feeling worse to tell my loved ones and now my readers that I am sick. Not just casual one but I’m holding so many infections in my body which have made me extremely weak and sooner I’ll have to undergo an operation. Yes! It’s painful knowing that I fear those syringes and doctors’ treatment. However, it’s more dreadful to realise today everyone who is a part of my life, is worried, and the reason is me-just me. I am aware of the consequences further that how it shall affect my future life, health, career and most of all my relations. Yet I am absolutely helpless. I don’t mind this pain and troubles, I really don’t. I have no complaints from my fate or destiny as I know I was at fault. I completely denied my health and so I should suffer. But yes, I am feeling bad that I can’t be the one I wished to be ever… I never knew I would become the reason of sorrows for others.

I had always been that so called strong girl. For now I am weak, although I do not like to let anyone know that but I can’t bear you all to think I have forgotten you. It’s impossible to do that, during all my good and bad times you all had been my strength. Even at this time my rays of hope is from your presence in my life. I own a precious treasure and surely can’t afford to lose. Just forgive me for whatever I had hurt you not by sympathy but for your Isha, who still is same, to be loved and love you forever. Miss you all. Please mark my advice for taking very good care of yours. Drink minimum 5 glasses a day and have proper diet at proper time.

Anyway Turber (, thanks dear for giving me the award (Sorry for 4 days late reply) and congrats to you too. As per the rule I’ve to answer some questions about me. So here it goes…

What is your favourite colour? – My eyes are not blue, but the sky is blue. It’s obvious my favourite is none other than dark blue. Lol! I know it didn’t go with the rhythm.

What is your favourite animal? – I admire all cute animals but I find rabbits and dolphins the most adorable.

Which is your favourite number? – As such not any fixed but I generally prefer my birth date number, which is number 5(five).

 Which is your Favourite non-alcoholic drink? – It’s no doubted Coke! AAA… My mom will kill me if she reads this one.

Do you prefer facebook or twitter? – Honestly, not against those twitter fans, I don’t like twitter. It’s kind of quite not-user-friendly and above of that it don’t have many super cool features as you get in facebook.

What is your passion? –  Music. Music. Music! It absorbs me in itself like entirely, from tip to toe.

What is your favourite pattern? – Erm… waking up-talking- freshening up-talking-eating-talking-doing stuffs-talking-eating-talking-going to bed-talking-sleeping. I guess that’s common for all. Isn’t it?

Which is your favourite day of the week? – Now everyday goes like same but before I used to love Sundays for it was a HOLIDAY! 😉

Which is your favourite flower? – I love all types of flowers. They are just so pretty and wonderful that I can’t stop eyeing at them. Sadly they never grew up in the plants kept at my home.

Further I’d like to nominate not many but few of the most deserving blogger I’ve known i.e.

Cribbings (

pat cegan (

varun (

anish (

Seriously you guys are amazing. Keep rocking and smiling.

Last but not least I am grateful to my friend who helped to convey you this post of mine.




6 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. Thanks a lot Isha for such a beautiful award 🙂
    Posting early or posting late doesn’t matter at all, what’s important is that you are a part of this wonderful world of blogging where we don’t just write blogs and share our thoughts, but we share our life, we connect….! Nothing should ever stop you from being YOU….! Trust me, you will be what you ever wished to be! You just need to believe….! Everything’s gonna be alright 🙂
    I wish a happy life for you ahead!!
    KEEP SMILING 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Congrats! And yes I do think the award comes just right, after all it’s the sunshine award and you could use some of that in your life, now. Get well soon dear!


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