My 1st award

I was completely shocked to find someone nominating me for this award.

Actually it’s not someone but my friend and one of among very good bloggers Varungenius. Thanks buddy for making this my first award for my blog and I’m glad it’s from you, whose words are worth appreciation. You are truly an amazing writer 🙂

Versatile blogger award, I really don’t know if my blog posts really have that versatility factor, but yes I had always tried my best to provide you all a variety and mould up my feelings in words to the best possible manner. I am so overwhelmed dear, thanks a lot for considering me deserving this one.

As per the rule I need to nominate other bloggers and inform them thereon. But I really don’t read much yet I’ve managed to do a bit of reading for few of my favourite ones.

So here nominating the ones I find really deserve for this award.

1) Varungenius– Varun I know you’ve already got this one but it would by my pleasure to give you this by me.

2) Cribbings– Gabriela dear I had always find your posts so unique and profound.

3) GG– I found this blog been talking about so many different topics, in a very exquisite way.

4) Ankursays– Ankur you agree or not but you had been my most favorite blogger in every way.

Anyway hope you excuse me for posting in a rush as I am not able to post much these days. Keep rocking and smiling forever!



6 thoughts on “My 1st award

  1. Enjoy your first award 🙂
    and thanks for nominating me back!
    VERSATILE…..yes you are, and so is your blog….because I know that your every post is a result of not just one but many thoughts…so it deserves to be ‘versatile’…..!
    Cheers to yout versatile imagination 🙂


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