The score 50(Fifty)

Yay! I am here again to post another one on the same day after my last post. (This was scheduled to be done before lunch hour but due to power cut I had to delay as my annoying laptop’s battery keeps creating problems all the time.)

Don’t doubt me okay? Even I can get active at times though I had that I-am-not–so-well excuse along. To be honest something made me gain my energy back. Obviously when I manage to make up someone smile, it allows me to relish the moment.  But the most cheerful and special reason for this post of mine is for celebrating my 50th post on this blog and I just found I’ve got 50 likes on my blog. Whoa! Two records at the same time. Sounds cool right? Same it did to me and I quickly stood up to post this one. 😉

Apart from that last night I had got an unexpected call from a person so good; whose words still had its effect on me. And later I had somehow led my small issues, which were ruining my life, put on a pause. So it feels a little less burdened up for a while. Yes, I want to thanks my wonderful friends who have supported me all through and had been giving me courage to fight.  And sorry to those whom I have hurt by my words… Especially to you dear, I don’t think I need to mention for I know you’re smart enough to interpret its meant for you.  I know I was wrong when I said you to forget me but there were reasons. Anyway those are buried now and hopefully won’t try to come out again until I am buried down over there. In any case I don’t wish to become a tear in your eye. I love you a lot and when I say a lot I really mean it.

On this occasion I don’t have much to share about but it gives me immense pleasure to express my feeling to my readers. I want to thank wordpress to provide me a platform, making it possible for me to connect with you all. So, keep rocking and smiling as for that you don’t need to pay taxes. (Silly one I know but that’s me :P)

Take care.


Isha 🙂


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