Unanswered Whys


Why do we expect when it won’t be satisfied? Why do we miss the people who have gone away from us forever? Why do we want someone to care for us when it doesn’t matter them anymore? Why can’t we agree to separate when it’s necessary? Why our heart doesn’t stop loving when we are supposed to hate? Why we happen to wait when we know they are never going to come back? Why we happen to trust when it’s already broken? Why we wish to hear those losing words when hurtful have been said? Why we prefer lying in spite of being aware of the truth? Why we assume things won’t change when we had seen the differences? Why can’t we let out beloved walk out of our life when decisions have been made? Why little distances seems killing when we can’t be together? Why few minutes turn hours to break the silence sometimes? Why human being ought to forget old relations when they start having some new ones? Why we bear any extreme pain when we know we need to help someone else? Why a tear drops automatically when a drastic thought appears? Why smile can’t be faked when we don’t want others to know our state of mind? Why we imagine when we know the reality? Why we feel a touch is unknown when it had always been known to us? Why we tend to find an unfamiliar person more close to us who is a stranger?

Why do we really can’t stop thinking of these “whys”? Why can’t we just accept things in our life?



4 thoughts on “Unanswered Whys

  1. amazing “whys”….highlighting every aspect of life…! Splendid work…!
    Kaafi dimag lgaya hoga ispe….bt it seems to be composed directly from heart…. 🙂
    Enough questions….now try to find answers 😉


    • LOL @ kafi dimag lagaya hoga..
      Well no, i doubt i even have that lol!
      Btw i’m glad you liked it. Yes, they are the ones which keep striking me again and again. I’m yet to solve them. Good luck to me & even to all those who thinks the same as i do.


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