My Confession

Dear Friend,

I hope you forgive me if I say I’d lied to you. The reason which had completely changed your life, I too played a role in it.

Trust me! I never wished to bring those tears in your eyes but I knew you weren’t ready to accept the truth. I was left with no other choice. So, I moved along the other way, the path of lie. I didn’t want to increase your pain as you already had enough of your share. Indeed the lie also had hurt you yet it healed with time. You wouldn’t have mind spoiling your life but how I could let that happen? I can’t afford to lose you for you value me a lot.

Yes, I agree that you deserved to know the truth but not at that very moment. Maybe today is the right time to make you aware of the real facts and so I am confessing it to you.

I don’t know if you will accept me after hearing this but still I’m glad for my decision could at least make you move on in life to aim at something good for yourself.

I am sorry is less to say yet i mean it truly from my heart. 


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