Care for me NOT!

 “Stop hurting yourself!!” God said aloud to me and I wanted to say “stop considering me!!”

Being an ordinary girl even I had some common wishes. I too desired to be hugged when I am low. I too would have loved someone wiping off my tears and giving me a big smile when I am sad. I too had hoped for a person who would have been beside me forever.

Your people broke my heart without realizing it would pain me then why the hell you are bothering if I am hurting myself.

When I need someone to pamper me I only got scolding. Everyone made a mockery of my tears saying I am weak and keep cribbing about one or other problems. I happened to start hating myself for sharing ever with them.

Now, when I had learnt to keep my pain with myself and had chosen to be strong enough to handle any circumstances alone than why have you let someone enter my life? Why are they caring for me? Why are they expecting me to accept their love?

Today they find me rude; they say I’m heartless as I can’t respect someone’s feelings. Mind you! It was you who forced me to be such. If am careless then it isn’t completely my fault. Still I do care for you, I do shower my love on you, and I give my best to help you in need. Just that I don’t yearn for getting anything in return, you don’t get the right to shout at me.

It’s not that I don’t admire your concern for me. I may be cruel but not thankless. If ever you worry for me I make sure to relief you from those worries. But forgive me It’s tough to be that ordinary girl with simple hopes again… the fear has overcome me.

Please stop caring for me for I’m used to live without it. Let me stand to protect you not caring what harms me. I request you don’t show me the hopes I had once waited for long yet lost.  


Let me know your views

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