We need Separation

“Don’t consider those tears weak they can burn your skin into ashes if you continued being cruel to pour poisonous acid into the heart that ever loved you”

I feel like hitting something hard on you & then cry hours for hurting you rather than caring madly still getting those foolish tears. I wish I could slap tightly & tell you on your face how much I’d started to hate you. Damn! I always spare you for my love always overcomes the hatred thing. You disrespected & undervalued me forgetting everything. I wonder are you the same, whom I ever loved. I wish I could insult your emotions just the way you did to mine & left me alone to weep inside. But helpless me, I wasn’t taught to play tit for tat.

I hope I’d never loved you. Yes, you heard it right. You are not the kind of person anymore; I would ever want to love. Don’t be happy thinking you won over me by letting me down instead be thankful. Reason being for I never stepped forward to take revenge for the mental harm you caused me. Forgiveness, which you never learned is something I want to preach. So, keep that your-so-called attitude with yourself and burn within forever. I naturally don’t give a damn to pity on a fake person.

Enough of your ruling, you have lost the right on me. I am just waiting for it to end, for you to be apart from me. I want to get rid of seeing your not-so-genuine persona wandering around me. Its better I throw you out of my heart. I don’t mind to injure it by emptying the place you once occupied and I would never want it to heal. Thereon every time it pains it will remind me of you. No! I don’t want to forget you. I know I would never do. As I am not the kind of you, I don’t let my anger kill the real me.

Don’t dare you laugh evilly stating I’m weak & can’t let this happen. I won’t mind destroying my true self if I couldn’t end this frustration in my life. I agree you were my most cherished past yet I can’t let you ruin my present.

I wrote this as for now I am completely letting my hatred turn into my words. I want to avoid it affect my life, the life which don’t want you to be included in it. I would prove that life can be lived without you. I never thought I would end up saying that we need separation. Just pray when we really do, I would bid you happily & not cursing the relation we had hold ever.


Let me know your views

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