Friendship or love?

Since last night the riots was increasing everywhere. People were running away to save their life. The whole city was under fearful threat, bloody dead & injured bodies were spread all over. Teena who was on her way back to home never knew she will have to face any such circumstances. Her parents after so many trials failed to contact so she wasn’t much aware of any happenings around & listening to any sort of news was surely not her cup of tea.

Her car halted in front of a mall where some aggressive looking men were hitting badly few weak workers. She looked at the surroundings and realised the horrible condition. The driver too on seeing that got nervous. But it was too late for until than those men had seen them. They now were heading towards the car. The driver ran leaving his mistress. Teena was now seating in that stationary car, alone and perplexed.

Her ears could hear the footsteps coming nearer. The thought of her being assaulted by those cruel men frightened her more. Before she could react to rush out, the car was already attacked. The front glass was harshly broken into pieces, few of which even hurt at her forearms. She had somehow managed to hide her face protecting it with her left arm, which had started to bleed until now by the injury. She struggled to breathe in nervousness. Her door was opened instantly and she was pulled out by a strong hand but the touch was not unknown to her. She looked upwards at the face of that holder. It was not meant to harm her but to save her. It was none other than Rahul, her friend and now saviour. He stood fearless holding her with a tight grip and was ready to face those men. Her eyes got broader examining that they were just two, injured and without any weapon in front of so many.  Just when one of them moved to hit Rahul with a large stick she couldn’t help but scream at her top of voice. Before her voice lowered down he had made her run away along him.

Now they both were escaping at the fastest speed they could ever with their death running back of them. After taking long turns and crossing many miles finally they found a place to hide & sat safely over there.

Rahul embraced her in his arms. She too didn’t denied feeling protected. The sounds of his heart beats were clearly audible to her.  He was sweating and so was she.

“Thanks” she uttered parting her lips, which were sealed until now with the terrible trauma she had just gone through. In response to her she just got a rude look. She smiled silly knowing he cared for her the most.

Rahul spoke something but his voice got mixed up with some noises. She heard someone banging hard and shouting “lock-the-door-I-am-leaving”. After the voice disappeared someone shook her hard to awake her from the dream. Teena was shocked to find herself in her room cosily on her bed while her mother left asking her to get ready. It was 9:30 am already. She saw the peaceful city visible from her window. She forced herself to come into reality & got up.

She washed her face after a quick gargles. “Rahul!!” she gasped to speak his name. She recalled the dream. The way he was holding her hand, protecting her from the cruel men. That feel of the touch was still in her imagination. She fingered to sense his hand on her wrist.

“Have I really started feeling something for Rahul??” she shrugged off her thoughts and left the washroom leaving the tap on.

Rahul, the guy whom she has met around 3 years and 7 months back was now one of her closest friend. He surely meant her more than she could ever predict. She herself didn’t know when she let him enter her life and later unexpectedly he got so near to her heart. She couldn’t stop thinking of the time when she used to impatiently wait to talk to him, to receive a call or message from him and how his just few words left a never ending impact on her. She always loved talking for unlimited hours with him and wished them to never end.  She trusted him so much that she happens to share every aspect of her life without any doubt. Though he sometimes failed on her expectations yet she never regretted on it. She wanted to understand him the best just the way he does.

She could dare to do any damn thing or go off her limits for his one smile. His one tear felt her like a big hole in her heart… The moments spent with him, however it may be, yet seemed so perfect. She could never stop thinking of him and finding almost everything being related to him from her songs to dishes or her doings.

“why do you miss me so much?” he had asked her once and she ended up stating that he is her good friend and so she misses him a lot making sure she never forget him. But she was unknown of the fact that somewhere in the corner of her heart he was making his sweet little home.

At times when he was in some problem and denied to share, she used to try her best to stay by his side to comfort him.  Even if it means to completely forget her pain, she never mind it and pray helplessly for him.  She didn’t care to value her feeling in front of his. She could bear anything but not being the reason to his sufferings. His few words of gratitude made her feel like attaining her whole world. A lil appreciation done by him seemed to her the most awaited words.

Both friends were different from each other still made sure it doesn’t affect their bonding. Sometimes it even leaded to some fights and every time they fought she knew his words had hurt him the most yet she consoled her that he would never mean them, it was spoken in anger.

Teena felt the breeze flowing in through the window. Thoughtfully she sat on the bed crossing her legs, forgetting her mom had called her for the breakfast. She heard a beep on her mobile. It was his message wishing him “good morning”. She smiled as she strolled down reading their old conversations. Something stopped her and she looked above to see her cheerful face in the mirror. She always had a silly excitement every time she talked about him.

“I’ll wait for our next meeting on your marriage” he used to tease her. She only wanted to marry her lover but didn’t know when she will fall truly in love.

“Love!!” the word made her heart beat faster. She holds her pillow more tightly.

“Yes, I should have understood long before that this isn’t anything but I’ve started to feel for you” She blushed as she spoke her ultimate feelings. A tear rolled down her cheeks on realising that she have finally accepted that someone hold a special place in her heart.

Friendship breaks when it turns into love thing- she had heard and seen many experiencing it. The thought made her hate herself for being so addictive to him knowing their ways are apart. How could she let him become a chapter of her life which was being tough for her to express to anyone? Why I never choose others to care for me but only allowed you? Why only you can soothe me in the best possible manner?

Love is pain! Why I never realised that I am letting you be the reason of my pain yet I let the pain hurt me happily?

She stood up confused and typed a message “I never want you to be mine for I am not good at understanding or caring for you. Just wishing that you get the one you deserve”. She quickly pressed the sent button just to avoid cancelling it. She felt exhausted in spite of the fact she has been taking rest since last 9 hours. The scene of that dream once again occupied her mind.

Another time her mobile beeped showing his response “what??”

“How do I explain dear I love you so badly and need you the most yet only want togetherness forever in return, not love for its isn’t meant for us.” She took a deep breath as she said those satisfying words. She knew it was tough to make him understand this.

She sent a smiley in return and laughed at imagining his confused still cute state of mind 😀 ❤





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