I wonder…


Sometimes I simply wonder should I really trust you? Are you worth it?

I recall my past, our past to get my answers…

You had always stood by my side to hear my nonsense talks, to bear my stupidity, to control my anger, to wipe off my tears. But then it even reminds me that I’d always been your last preference. The way you left me once and if I would have not forcefully stopped you, pretending to do the same like you, you wouldn’t have cared to look back at me for the relation ever built up together. You knew others were wrong in understanding me yet you choose to betray our sweet bonding for them just for the reason I was among the ones whose existence or non-existence doesn’t really matter. You’ve never trusted me, though you didn’t let me know but still I know you never did. You thought remaining silent won’t hurt me.

Maybe I was always such a stupid to wish to have you in my life. I would have got many but silly me kept thinking of you only. Poor me yet can’t stop adoring the way you handle me. Your words are enough to make me forget everything around. It forces me to wonder might be I am being wrong in understanding you.

Alas! Bows down in front of your goodness and like always fail to choose loving you like forever ❤



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