True Happiness!

I bow once again in front of the God; creature of this world for he fulfilled your dream, our dream. You mean to me my world, my life & today he made you become the reason to my smile. My beloved its cause of you that my belief on god proved to be true, proved to be stronger.

Now I wish to scream and tell everyone that yes, I have a very big reason to limit off any craziness. I would like to smile until I get those sweet tears in my eyes. I desire to jump down the biggest hill and fly above the clouds. I want to hug you tightly and say “Dear I love so adamantly”. I hope I could bring countless smiles in your life beyond your imagination for you gave me my True Happiness.

It was unknown to me but I’m grateful to you, for letting me feel it.


Thanks sweetheart, thanks N-Dee!





Isha 🙂 


2 thoughts on “True Happiness!

  1. I still amazed and yes something happened suddenly and for which you were waiting from long, you feel like out of the world, There is nothing then I can say to God, Js that you are creator and protector of this universe and your blessings are always seek by me.. I love you.. 🙂 When I see, I am the reason of your happiness it makes me delightful, and yes abhi pagal mat ho jaana, abhi toh tumhari responsibility bad gai.. so chalo kam par lag jayo.. haan khushi khushi.. 😛


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