Unsaid words

There’s a time when someone enters into your life unexpectedly, who does a lot many special things just for your one smile. He brightens up your life by his deeds. He touches your heart in a different way and you can’t stop him from doing so, from being your special one. But it’s not always truth that you see. There might be someone already in your life. Who loves you more than that person but yet don’t express the way you expect. He loves in his own way… by his silent care, by his presence in your life. His words are enough to let you know how much you mean to him just that you fail to hear them. You may find many people who would show they truly value you but its rare to find one who truly does but yet not let you know that. They do for they indeed love you and do not believe in telling it for they trust you would understand them.

Love is about to express but at the same time it’s even about feeling it and falling in it. Don’t forget to value those unsaid words. They might not say anything but may mean everything to you. 


2 thoughts on “Unsaid words

  1. Very true! LOVE needs no proof……no showing off…..it needs understanding. You need to feel its presence and enjoy its company throughout your life. There’s nothing as divine and real as LOVE……!!
    Superlike to this post….. 🙂


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