The start of the Journey

Hi! If anyone of you must have noticed I had not been posting for a long period in between. Not even on the occasion of New Year when everyone wishes to share about their past year or speaks about the expectation from the upcoming one. Some of you might have wondered where she had vanished away all of a sudden. Might be the blog writer have got bored and dropped the idea of blogging anymore or maybe she have herself got kidnapped somewhere lol.

Well, nothing like such of a kind happened. I am so sorry for not updating but I was on so-called holidays after my exams which does not consist the existence of any pc or laptop, not allowing me continue my blog further. For a person like me who is madly addictive to work on pc till evening in office and chit chat or play games on my own laptop till night, it was mere a punishment but yet I am glad for I survived past few months of mine in Srilanka with just me, my darling mobile & my mom along with a huge home to live. (It wasn’t so huge but to me it did seem for the reason loneliness makes you feel such.)

Now as the title says it’s very obvious and pretty easy to guess I am going to talk about my experience over there. So here I go with the flow…

My exams got over and I felt much relaxed like any other child. I am sure every one of you does feel the same. I was looking forward to have long conversations with my friends for I haven’t since a while due to exams. I called up one. The call went for around one hour or so I guess. It ends. Another made and I was on half of its way to enjoy discussing about some silly topic when my sister shouted from the room (Mark it: I was wandering in all the rooms while talking). I quickly rushed up to find the reason and was completely shocked when she said me “I got your ticket book for Colombo to stay with mom for next few months. You have only few days to do all the packing stuff. “

I was like WTH! I have been waiting from so long to enjoy this moment. How could she really spoil it? I knew it was being planned but I didn’t know it would become so soon. It took me hours to realize I had shortage of time. The day got over and the following days passed by purchasing and packing. My clothes and other stuffs were dumped in two heavy baggage, most of which belonged to my mom. Obviously she always had a big list of shopping.  At first I had a doubt I would be able to pick them by my own. But somehow I managed and I felt proud thinking I am not as weak as I look like.  Anyways there happened to be no long chats, no phone calls, and no meetings.  I was strictly told by my mom for not disclosing the fact for security reasons. Hate this one. Yet I managed to leave messages to my close ones before I left.

Finally the day arrived when I had my flight for Colombo. I couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking of my upcoming days. I was more fearful than excited for it was the first time I was going to aboard the flight alone. I had been given instructions by parents of how to work out on airport, the list follows here:

1) Don’t be so careless to leave and forget your baggage for I rarely look after them.

2) Don’t talk to strangers, until required.

3) Don’t keep that silly cute expression on your face, be brave.

4) Keep a check on your passport and boarding pass.

5) Fill up the forms quickly as you go and assure that you are on the right track, otherwise you will land up somewhere else.

6) stay alert for any announcements. Don’t keep listening songs on your earphones.

And blah blah… let’s not bore you as the list is too long.

I had put an alarm of 6:30 am for we had to leave home at sharp 9, before my alarm could wake me up a call made me realize its morning. I picked up the phone to find my friend cum sister had called me up. I didn’t want to attend for just an hour ago I had fallen asleep but I could never reject her call, it’s beyond my rules. Obviously I love to hear from her in any situation. I really don’t remember what I had been blabbering that made her shout on the phone. I realised she had handled the phone call to jiju (her husband). OMG!! I felt nervous for I had never ever talked to him and it was tough to fight back my sleep at that moment but I’m glad I somehow managed to say thanks for being such a lovable life partner to her. I was so silly to keep repeating the same line not listening to what he was asking me. It was then my sister who was sleeping beside me brought me back to my real sense and I quickly stood up to have a little conversation with him. It was good for I find him sweet to talk about how he get to hear about me all the time and ending by wishing me a happy journey. It was a different and refreshing start of the day. I felt good and got up to get freshen up.

By around 8am I had finished taking my bath, getting dressed up and even had my breakfast, in between which I had managed to call my very special friend. He had an exam that day and I made sure to wish him. Dad and my sister was busy making sure that nothing is left out until then I enjoyed reading all the best journey and miss you messages by my near ones. Finally it was time to leave so; we took the baggage and kept them at the backseat of the car. The home was locked and I was set ready to not to see it for next few months. I was surely going to miss it; my home, my room, my things, my friends and above of all dad and my sister. Maybe I am over addicted to everything related to me including the non-living things.

“You are not going forever. Relax and smile!” I thought to myself and opened the car door to be seated inside. The car started and miles separated me from my belongings. I was quietly looking at roads while dad and sister was busy talking about the traffic, weather and like anything that came up into their mind. The music was on and air was flowing away my hairs. I knew I won’t be able to feel this breeze for upcoming days. I let it enter into me thoroughly. I kept looking at the watch and my mobile as the time seemed to be running too fast for me. I wished it could stop but that was impossible. The car halted at the parking near the airport. I gulped down my throat and tried hard not to let any tear come out of my eyes. “Get down dear” I heard my dad. My feet felt frozen as if not wanting to step out. My sister had managed to bring the trolley to keep the baggage onto. She had a smile on her face which made me wonder that she would be happy enough for I won’t be disturbing her for next few months. The thought forced me to step out at last. My dad hugged me and I fake to smile at him. He blessed me. I knew it was tough for him to leave me alone. He had always been so possessive about me. I had to prove him that his little daughter is strong enough to travel miles away and live independently. Once again he reminded me of how to tackle out things inside and I just nodded in response. I side hugged my sister as we walked to the entrance gate. On the half way my trolley got stuck for I wasn’t able to move it, not because of heaviness but for I wasn’t in condition to control it. I shrugged off my fear and moved further to walk inside after getting my passport being checked by officer at the entry. As I had reached in, I looked back again to find my dad standing there and waving his hands to bid me a good bye. I shared a smile and disappeared from his sight. I saw I was surrounded by a huge crowd of so many stranger travellers and felt my heart thumping faster.

“Good luck isha” I tried to gain strength.  I knew the journey had just begun.


5 thoughts on “The start of the Journey

  1. I will say It is life, kab kaha kya ho jaye, you cant predict. Good is that you got a chance to stay with your mom and to see Colombo’s unpredictable weather plus natural beauty..:)

    Kisne meri hichki ko sone nahi diya..:P oh jiju ki wishes yaad hai.. dee ki nahi..:P

    You are brave realy.. I cant even think of going alone, and that even flight.. OMG but yeah jab sear par parti hai toh ho hi jaata hai, And tum toh meri hichki ho, kuch bhi kar sakti hai.. 🙂


    • awww!! I love it when you call me your hichki..
      Yes, life is very much unpredictable but that’s what is fun about it… If we knew it then it wouldn’t have been interesting. Right?
      Hmmm.. everything happens for making you experience something different, something new. I’m glad i went there and so I am sharing it here.
      Lol @ me brave… i doubt at this one but anyhow yes, i managed it. When you are left alone to survive you happen to do it by any hook or crook. That’s what i have learnt since childhood.
      and erm… Yeah, I was half asleep so don’t remember much of our talk. Sowie! 😛


  2. Your words project the whole picture right in front right in front of my eyes. It is as if I am standing there at the airport….lol
    There’s one thing I wanna say,”Life becomes meaningful and exciting when it comes with surprises at every instant…..doesn’t matter good or bad…! Otherwise you won’t be able too see all the colours of life :)”
    Nice post 🙂


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