Lost friend!


When you came in my life, I was found to be alone

When you became my life, without you I felt alone

Now when you left me, my life got me alone

Why it’s always that I feel alone?


When you saw me first, I was standing alone

When you stood by my side, the distance made me alone

Now when you walked away, I stood another time alone

Why I am only here always alone?

We met as strangers and gradually became friends. By passing time you had been a crucial part of my life, for my days started from talking with you and end up thinking about you. We knew it would last forever whatever may happen and however big fights we may do. I had always considered myself as lucky, for I had you in my life… A friend whom anyone desires and I’ve already had you. While you used to with me I wish the whole of me to be with just only you and when you weren’t with me I think of time spent along you.  We promised we would never let it go. Then how’d you left me alone today….

Under no circumstances I ever imagined it would get over like this. I don’t know how I failed to give my best instead of trying a lot. Maybe it was completely my fault but yet like always you could have forgiven me this time too. Strange! For you had forgot all those wonderful moments we have spent together and just went on complaining about my lil mistakes. I certainly didn’t want to say what I had forcibly asked you to do-“to forget me”! I thought you would argue, or stop me from doing so but maybe I have lost that value in your life for now neither my existence nor my absence affected you.

You wanted to get rid of me and I made it simple for you. I could have fought back but knew this time it was no use. I was dumbstruck at my own words for making you apart from me, though I couldn’t think of my life without you, my lost friend!


4 thoughts on “Lost friend!

  1. Yo Yo
    Take a bow Isha Kalra take a bow,the way you put your thoughts is exceptional and i especially like the use of the word alone…it signifies something else in each sentence of yours,now that’s what i call talent…u rock 😀


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