Hurtful Truth

Holding the book of my old past memories with one hand and embracing the pillow tightly with another, I was leading to the world of deep thoughts which were not allowing tears to stop flowing down on my cheeks, Until I heard a huge sound of thunder followed by lighting in the sky. Responding to it I walked up till balcony and stood there absent minded. It was raining heavily and along with it the winds were continuously streaming, tending to change the direction of the rain accordingly. My eyes were wet but it was tough to decide whether it was tears or the rain droplets. When nothing could soothe me, it was this little interference by creature of nature who accompanied me in my loneliness. My lips struggled to curve and turn into a smile but stopped midway to find a strange group of unknown boys sitting at the sea shore, which was viewable clear from my spot.

I wondered it’s insane of them to be seated calmly in such a heavy rain, when all the people around is rushing to find a shelter. The fools were singing songs at the highest pitch of their volume. I looked at them, they were totally unprotected yet they had fearless big smiles on their faces, compelling me to get jealous. I realised how lucky they were for they’ve got someone to enjoy even in this worse situation. I watched them having fun to dance altogether in little circles however on the contrary I was here roaming around in my so-called-huge house, alone & depressed.

“Uh! They will surely get sick”; I spoke to myself trying to gratify that I was simply better than them. My heart replied instantly “They’ve got beloved to care for them”. I frustratingly fought back “Silly people have got no work so simply wander anywhere wasting time”. Feeling satisfied at the statement I turned around to move in but was intruded by the response “They are living their life to the best along with their loved ones & it’s worth doing rather than any material work”.

The words smashed hard on me making my condition more miserable. It was painful and I couldn’t withstand to stay there anymore for I knew I had lost. I limped back to my room & lay down on my bed forcing not to cry so louder. My heart which was still within me, wept inside and spoke lastly “I am sorry for I just spoke the truth!”


8 thoughts on “Hurtful Truth

  1. I am just overwhelmed by the post. Beautifully carved out from the ‘Realities of life’,and mindblowing description making it quite easy to imagine the scenes.
    The feelings that you described so aptly,i could feel them,maybe coz I had gone through them,for most of my life,coz of various reasons. It was the beginning of this year,that I had laid down some ground rules for myself,most of which order ‘No ground rules’ and can be mostly attributed to the happiness of my heart,and now,after nearly 2 months,I can tell you,I have been feeling great about myself and things around me,that have always made me sad. We all do have them,its just about taking a stand on our lives and STOP BEING LAZY! 😉


  2. Great message dear… 🙂 Entering into greedy and materialistic work we have lost the real fun of life… enjoying in rain, snow with loved ones.. I still try to do some of it.. and I really dun care what people think when I dance and enjoy in rain… For me luxury life does not matter.. but what matter is time, that I spend with my beloved ones and with nature.. but we are losing that time in the rat race to fulfil desire.. which will never going to be fulfilled.. keep it up.. I love ur post..


  3. Your way of describing the scene is very beautiful! If this is purely a part of imagination, I so appreciate it. The message is very loud and clear and anyone can understand it instantly.
    Today, we have created a lifestyle so ‘surfaced’ and ‘diplomatic’ that we forget with progressing time WHO WE REALLY ARE! We simply forget to admire the nature around us and appreciate it’s beauty.
    Nice post 🙂


  4. Having read this I thought it was very enlightening.
    I appreciate you finding the time and effort
    to put this article together. I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both
    reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!


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