The worst out of a Realization

I realised how wrong I was, I am and had been forever.

I had always considered you as my shadow as you had been there for me like a part of me and I always wished you to be like that. I thought you are just meant to be mine, Indeed you were. Though the truth was that I was suppose to share you. You were my destiny but your destiny was written by someone else and for that someone else. I kept thinking I will never lose you and loved you so much. I did fail a bit to express my care and love for you but that was completely not my fault. I was not so mature the way you were. I knew you and had faith that you’ll never misunderstand me but maybe you believe more in specific words than expressive silence. You were absolutely right when you stated me as selfish, for I couldn’t let you be of anyone except me. Maybe you needed more of someone whom you love more rather than who love you the most. Maybe you were only for the perfect and not for the imperfect me. Now, I guess even time have neglected me for it’s too late for me to realise this for I have already lost you. The worst I can do is to repeat what I have been doing… Yes, I loved you; I still do and will forever!


9 thoughts on “The worst out of a Realization

  1. Its never too late to realize the truth,maybe its late for one thing that you wanted,but not for things that you are going to experience later. REGRETS,we do have it,sometimes,we don’t even get the second chance to get it all right or to atleast improve what you did wrong,but thats all part of life. We have to learn and move on! God bless you!


  2. When we can’t separate though we want to,It just means that person meant a lot to us,someday in the past,and the hidden truth,in heart of hearts,we still care about that person.Maybe we want to be away from them,but we still care about them and my personal experience,don’t even try to get detached from them.We may, by not being in touch,but not by forcing urself or trying to change your feelings,coz that complicate things and is impossible. So,its always best to be what your heart wants you to be,and for that,u need to know what your heart really wants which one can know after removing all the fears,worries,anger,ego,attitude,…


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