The Sweet Proposal!

He was waiting for her from past an hour.  Frustrated he got up to leave but as he took his first step forward he felt a strong push and fell in the river on whose shore he was sitting.

“Now did you get how annoying it is to wait?” She spoke. He turned to find the girl giggling.

She ran and he followed all wet. Once again someone slipped but this time the girl because of the muddy path. The boy laughed whole heartedly.

“What are you looking? Please, help me.” The girl pleaded.

“You are looking so funny in this condition stay like this. The dirty clothes suit you.” He smirked.

Making a puppy face she took help of a shrub to stand without noticing that it was thorny.

“Ouch!” she got hurt.

“Are you blind or what? Silly girl” He exclaimed and gave her a hand of help.

They walked together in total silence. Both of them were waiting for another to break it. Both hesitated to say anything. Their eyes looked at each other but parted as they met. The boy stopped and she enquired.

“Let’s sit here for a while” He spotted the vacate area near the shore. She agreed and again silence. Only the river made noise as the waves moved to and fro. He smiled at the beautiful scenery.

“Did you want to ask something?” she questioned.



“Does it still hurt?” he asked pointing towards her hand.

She noticed her wound. “Oh! Not as such… uh! You wanted to ask this?” she gave a confused look. He nodded.

“Okay! Then I am leaving” She stood up but he grabbed her from her wrist. “Don’t you think you take me more seriously then you should?” He winked.

“But… but I have lots of work to do.” She rolled her eyes making an excuse.

She continued “You have to never complete your assignments but I am not lazy like you. Tomorrow it’s…”

“Shush! Just sit!” he interrupted commanding. She sat again and once again silence.

The girl couldn’t bear it anymore as he played with the soil absent minded. Irritated she made weird faces.

“I am in love with a girl” he sighed.

She was taken aback to hear that. From the day she had understood the word love she only had loved him.

“Who?” She enquired.

“That pretty girl” he directed somewhere in sky. He jumped to stand up and headed to river walking leisurely.

“From whose presence my life and everything around me seems perfect to me” he uttered.

“You and love? They don’t go together ever. You must be kidding.” She tried to act not-so-caring.

He ignored and threw a small rock as far as possible he could, leaving the river make a clatter.

“My heart seems beating only for her, my birth seems a reason to meet her, my eyes… they always seems to find only her.” He again spoke with pauses.

She silently gazed at him.

“Gosh! I don’t know how to express that I am madly in love with her.” He screamed in excitement.

“If you are then I am very happy for you” She smiled for she knew that girl would be special for him.

He turned back. The wind blew her hair. Simple & elegant that’s what makes her look perfect even without any touch up. He came close to her. His passionate gaze was making her uncomfortable and she couldn’t stop her tears roll down. He kneeled down to wipe them.

“Don’t spoil your so pretty face” He caressed her cheeks.

“As if it really matters for still that girl of yours would be prettier than me.” She shrugged off his hand.

“Yup! She is the most prettiest on the earth.”  He grinned.

She suppressed to say “So, when are you making me meet her?”

He didn’t spoke and only stared her.

“When?” She said another time.

“Don’t you love him?” He quizzically asked.

He indicated on the ground. She saw those 3 magical words written on the soil.

“I LOVE YOU!” They read.

She felt embarrassed and shy both, for she couldn’t understand his words for the first time and shy for the sweet proposal but silly of her not to notice. She hugged him expressing her acceptance.

“So, don’t you love him?” He questioned once more.

“No” She giggled and kissed on his cheek.


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