Friendship edges truth!

Nishant’s eyes went red with antagonism as he stared someone. Those smiling lips, charming eyes, gorgeous persona was a complete mixture of perfection at its best which could make anyone fall for her and that was something he hated the most for even he got trapped in them once.

“This is the love of my love!” The boy who had embraced Vaibhavi in his arms introduced her to Nishant.

Moving nearer to her Nishant passed by and kept a hand on his friend’s (the boy) shoulder. “I regret for even I had ever fall in love with your sweetheart.” He uttered with calmness yet furiously.

The boy went dumbstruck as he heard those words. Nishant laughed leaving the couple puzzled and walked away. The boy moved ahead to stop him but the girl hold him from wrist.

Before he could question anything the announcement of their engagement was made and the couple was forced to go on stage by the other people present in the huge hall, in which the party was held.

“She isn’t my love she is my life, my reason to breathe… I love her more than love.” The boy recalled his friend’s words narrating about the girl he used to love. He couldn’t forget the days Nishant had spent in sheer sadness. He somehow had managed to help him move on in life and today he himself broke him again by falling in love with the girl whom he ever loved, maybe he still does.

The boy searched him all through but couldn’t find and as he reached the place where the ceremony was to take place his eyes stopped on the view from the window pane. Nishant was gulping harsh sip from bottle merely just to ignore his broken heart. Making an excuse the boy left everyone perplexed.

“Rahul!” Vaibhavi called his name but he left in spite of the fact he heard it.

Rahul never needed to look at her to recognize her voice. He had always adored her when she spoke his name but today it was different. He didn’t want to face her at all for he could neither go against her nor ruin his friend’s life.

“Stop there itself and go back” As soon as rahul was about to reach him Nishant shouted at him. He didn’t want to screw up anyone life.

Paying no attention to his orders Rahul stood beside him crossing his arms. Both remained silent until Nishant took a last sip to finish his drink. He threw the bottle afar in frustration. If it would have been anyone, any guy in the whole world, he would surely managed to snatch her from his grip but how could do that with his friend.

“You always wanted to be like me and see there you are once again admiring the girl whom even I did.” Nishant burst out.

He paused to speak again “and indeed you are lucky for she loves you more than anyone, more than me. This time you won and I lost. I had lost her long back but now even lost the hope of ever loving someone. I am here once again made guilty for ever loving her.”

The guy whom rahul considered his motivation always was standing totally shattered in front of him. Rahul cursed himself and his heart that did the mistake of snatching her from him.

Until then Vaibhavi have arrived there with her family.

“Yes! She loves me and only me. Who the hell you think you are to come in between both of us? You were just an infatuation in her life, which ended up very soon. Rather you don’t even deserve to have her in your life. Look at you, you are nothing but a loser from the very beginning and she is the trophy of winners.  Not meant for someone like you.” rahul spoke gazing at her.

That was least Nishant could ever expect from his life. He didn’t mind not getting his part of love but being betrayed by Rahul was not less than dying. He banged his hand hard at the wall adjacent. To his horror he felt a strong punch in his belly. It was none other than rahul who had hit him hard there.

Everyone stood in dismay. They couldn’t have imagined the two friends ever fighting.

Another punch was spotted on his face making him fell down. Already in state of drunk he couldn’t bear both the mental and physical pain and he lay on the ground groaning in pain.

The girl shed tears and Vaibhavi’s parents tried to console her while everyone around were standing wondering what was going around. The twinge in her eyes weren’t unnoticed by rahul and he kicked Nishant screaming to throw him out of his sight. But as the guards stepped towards him Vaibhavi yelled at them. Rahul knew she won’t be able to hold it lately. She could fake to all but she forgot rahul wasn’t easy to be fooled.

Rahul blocked her way to reach him. As she tried to protest he slapped putting marks of his finger on her velvety skin. There was a time he couldn’t even let her get a minor scratch but today he gave her the injury himself. She stood bewildered. Before Rahul could hold her grip a muscular hand stopped him midway. It was his friend, Nishant. True love can live apart but not let anyone harm their soul mate, Rahul had learnt this.

Rahul sniggered amusing both of them. They both looked at each other at which rahul took her hand and gave in his palm. Vaibhavi didn’t withdraw but bow down her head with guilt.

“I got him when I lost myself in your love.” She finally broke her silence.

Nishant struggled to realise what she had just spoke. He recalled that he had never expressed her love and before leaving he never let anyone, not even her, know his love for her. He had misunderstood when she had asked him to leave in anger for he had insulted her friend for his own possessiveness.

“Rahul knew my past and filled my life again with a hope. I had to accept it. He was none other than your own friend, which I didn’t know at that instance.” Her dazzling eyes had turned up sorely red as she panicked to cry.

Rahul hugged Nishant and embraced her half in his arms. “Now, stop it you too. It’s time to be together, be one again and be each other’s life partner forever. “Rahul said winking from back to the girl’s parents, who nodded thoughtfully appreciating the guy.


2 thoughts on “Friendship edges truth!

    • Lol @ rings a bell!
      I’m glad you liked it.
      Come’on at least you can’t be saying that. If someone is fan here than its me of your writing skill. I always wished I could be like you though I know I can never be, for you are simply too good.
      But ya its my pleasure to hear appreciation from you.
      and dear just move out of your lazy mood swings and pen down your imagination. I’m sure you can beat anyone. 😉


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