Co-Incidentally Destined- Part 1

Its 14th October a special day for me so let me introduce you all to my N-Dee…

I call her N-dee for I like calling her like that although the nickname was given by one of our common friend and not me. She is to me my candy, the sweetest friend cum elder sis. After my real sister she is the one who is closest to me as a sister.

Now, the day is special for it’s her birthday today and on this day I would like to thanks god for bringing her in my life.  My life would have surely missed something without her. The comfort, the happiness she makes me feel no-one can. Etymologically sweet may mean sugary in taste but for me she is the definition of perfect sweetness.

I love you so much and when I say “so much” I mean it.

In the year 2008 when I joined the online world I met many people and she was among one of them. Our first interaction wasn’t like anything different. It was so casual for we just talked about the contest going around on the site of our common favourite actor; Just that very thing was common between us at that moment. She was in the admin team and later I was also made the Moderator of the site for I was an active member and jointly we used to bring out new ideas to be worked upon. Finally the destiny had to play its co-incident factor and it happened. The webmaster of that site was our common friend and one day he asked me if I would like to talk to his N-dee (I told you he was the one to name that and not me). That was our first on phone conversation. She sounded very humble in voice but yet I didn’t know she was the same person with whom I discuss all about site. It was when I was planning for my friend’s birthday surprise that I happen to know the real fact. I already used to admire for her work, but when I got to know her more, I even appreciated her as a human being.

Another day when she came online, this time I had a personal talk apart from work. We chatted around for an hour and during that time we never felt we aren’t friends. No formal offering of friendship and nothing like we hesitated to share about each other. It was purely from heart that we agreed to feel togetherness. Gradually we shared more & more. She became so close to me that I couldn’t let a day pass without sharing about my life with her. Sometimes when I used to hide my sorrows she still used to recognize it somehow. I still couldn’t get how she managed to do so but she has always been connected to me so closely though she stays distant far away from me.

You are pearl to me for you had always brightened up my life just like a pearl brings up smile by its shine & beauty.

The best thing about her nature is that she gets angry very quickly. Yes, she is short tempered. Anyone would find this as bad habit but for me it’s one of the sweetest things in her for when she scolds me I admire her more. Actually I love being scolded from my loved ones. Sometimes I intentionally do stuff to irritate them so that they end up getting annoyed. Teasing is my birth right and with her it’s very easy. No doubt she is also an emotional girl and so one need to be careful before playing any prank.

Relations are pure when it’s bonded through heart & not by blood, I am glad you proved it.

You had always been so caring, understanding & lovable just like an elder sister. At times when I used to end up into some problem and narrate it to you telling how I messed up things, I Knew you would always help me out & make sure I won’t repeat it. I still remember my sister used to get jealous when I used to appreciate you in front of her lol! For me both of you are unique and special  in your own way. You both can’t substitute each ones place as you are more as a friend and she more of a mother to me.

Our bonding might have been from past few years but to me it seems that you are my beloved from long ago.

Today due to so many ups and downs in our life we are not so much into touch like the way before yet I trust that you’ll never forget the moments we shared and you’ll  always be the same like you have been. We made sweet memories collectively and each one of them is embodied in my heart. I am certain about our mutual understanding that we will keep this relation forever for the reason anyone can break hearts but you can never. Step into others shoes to identify the pain of someone, I appreciate you value each ones feelings so closely considering them as your own.

I love you when you call me hichki( a word in Hindi which means hiccups) for I complain her that stop remembering me so much for I get hiccups every time she think of me. Now, that’s how she had made her little world in mine. Stay like you are for you rock my candy. Happy Birthday dear!


6 thoughts on “Co-Incidentally Destined- Part 1

    • Aap aye bahar aayi.. lol!
      Well, she is no doubt and all thanks to you dear for letting her enter into my life.
      Btw really sweet of you to read it the first of all, for you made it more approve as special. It would have been incomplete without your response.


  1. I am speechless.. I realy dunno what to say here.. I js wana say I love you and I am so lucky dat I have you in my life…:D
    Dis is the best gift of my life.. I dun think M worth of it but yes its feel superb..:D
    I love you lot hichki…..:)


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