Co-Incidentally Destined!

In our day today life schedule, we might meet infinite number of people but sometimes gradually we do get close to few of them. There are those few people in our life, who might have met us con-incidentally but surely that meeting was destined and later we realise that these few people have become our special ones, whom we never want to lose. We realise that our life would be meaningless without them, for now they are just like a part of us. So, we thank that moment that let them bump into our life with or without any reason.

This blog section is dedicated to such few people in my life, who surely met me co-incidentally however it was destined.

I had always wanting to narrate my story of life but then one thing makes me confuse i.e. from where should I began and where would I end for the reason my story doesn’t start from a  single person and surely won’t end just on one. Lots of people have been a part of my journey and I guess there are still many more to arrive in future. If anybody asks me who affected the most to my life then the answer would never be consistent because every people who have passed by me has influenced my life…. My parents, my sister, my friends, my teachers, my classmates, my co-mates, etc. each and every person has put on their mark on my life. It might be a positive one or negative but yet it did became a part of me, a part of my journey from birth till death.

Through this blog section I would like to bring up those moments of my life, spent with those few people who actually meant to me special in some or other way. May be today they might have not been so close to me like they used to be but for sure they left me empty without their presence.

This is to you my dear for you always was a fragment of me and will remain forever. You might have surpassed me but I still can feel your aroma. I loved you not because you were the only one in my life but you were unique among everyone in my life.

And along with that this is small gratitude expressing my thanks to those buddies, who have always been there for me to cheer me up when I went low and to make me laugh like a mad when I solely smiled.

Friends come and go but true friends are bonded with you for a lifetime period. We might live distant away but yet are so close by heart that such miles don’t affect us and when we are together the whole world seems like only ours.

You folks proved that it’s not keeping in touch everyday that keeps a relation afresh but it’s the feeling of staying there for each other always. Sharing is done with all but understood by few who are Co-incidentally destined to be ours.

I am overwhelmed to each one of you and I hereby present a collection of sweet memories all through, which shall relish our today recalling our past. Keep smiling and rocking! 🙂



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