A valuable experience!

Recently I had got a leave from my internship as my exams are forthcoming in next month. Finally I could take a breath of relief for the last two months have been drastically horrible but it adds up another experience to my life.

My co-mates had left the office by the end of July and now it was only me, sir and two more colleagues left to work together. The biggest shocker was that the last date of Tax Audit was coming near and in that the awful thing was those 2 other boys didn’t knew to perform any kind of work. If you hand over any work to them they instead of trying to complete it mess up it all. Never mind! Obviously no one is born with the knowledge regarding how things have to be done. I explained them each and everything from the base. Failed! Not losing hope I tried another time. Again failed! Once more I gave another shot but this time with a bit of rudeness so that they understand the need of time. Aghast! All went in vain. They were least interested in doing anything apart from creating nuisance. It continued with me scolding them and they simply ignoring by considering it as a mockery. Even sir had lost the hope but he still pushed me every time to make them work in any case. It would end up in arguments for they started feeling that I am making them feel inferior rather I was forced to do so.

It was high time for me to prove myself as I was left with no other choice to handle each & everything alone along with bearing the two good-for-nothing creatures. Your health doesn’t support you when you are undergoing through hectic schedules, at least not for me. But this time I have and had to ignore it for the responsibility was all mine. I knew I shouldn’t expect anything from my sir though thankfully he was bit soft towards me for the first time and why wouldn’t he be for he had no option left. Anyhow that didn’t bother me for I was aware of his nature. Another big deal was for me to handle the unwanted annoying things happening around me. Unlike another time my co-mates weren’t there to support me. I missed them so badly yet quietly I avoided every incident which was disturbing me by focusing only on my work. I stayed busy day-night and just worked hard.

For the time being the only thing that made me keep going on was when sir used to appreciate me or pat at my back, as my personal life had totally screwed up for very obvious reason that even after trying to my best I wasn’t able to give my loved ones the time I was supposed to give them. I had to sacrifice in spite of the fact they have always been my first & foremost preference with respect to anything else. Few of them did understood me and I am glad to find such true friends in my life but for others, I did felt bad & even your comments made me cry many times yet I have no complaints as it’s not your fault, it’s human nature to expect.

The other side my dad & sister had to make the things more worsen by scolding me every moment when I was at home so as to make me realise that I am not able to recover my health problems, I am not able to concentrate on studies and I am not able to give time to other stuff. Not that I skipped it wholly, I did to some extent but surely up to the mark. They didn’t like that I was given all responsibility however I was just an intern in my office. According to them I was there just to be taught things and not work as an employee. I agree they were right but then that’s how it is, for practical life is different from what we think. We need to learn to struggle and so I had decided I won’t lose.

Giving no attention to any of my problems or pain I successfully managed to work at perfection level. Few times I did made mistakes in things which were new to me and also I used to find myself low but I am grateful to my mother and my friend Anish for being my strength all through. They kept on making me feel relaxed & helped me not to reduce the degree of my dedication. Especially my Mom who had been always pampered me, for a change she made me recognize that I might be her most innocent and emotional child yet I am capable to face any sort of circumstances boldly. Despite of the fact that I couldn’t talk to her for many days & even weeks she didn’t forget to send her sweet mails which made me smile. Love you for that Mom and Anish, dear thanks for all those words you said to boost up my confidence and they indeed meant an aid to me.

During all this I learnt many positive and negative aspects of life. By the time the work has reached to its peak, I had become work alcoholic. I used to work nicely even before but now work had become my life and I had fallen in love with my work. My Interaction level with my clients had increased and I got to know things in a better way.  I didn’t hesitated anymore to converse with those charged with governance in the departments or any office.  I was ready to undergo any torture done upon by my health or people around me as my patience level had gradually risen up and Most of all I discovered that I was not so bad at scolding someone for the reason I never had done that ever till date lol!

Overall it was no doubt exhausting but I could see another face of mine. I never knew I had got in-built quality from my parents to be proved as best for my work, for which I was appreciated by everyone but what matters to me is that life had trained me something worth through this everlasting experience.  Now, there is another challenge in front of me. I just wish I can manage to excel in the same manner and hoping to narrate it to you later onwards. Till then take care!


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