The Painting!

Here’s another poem i randomly wrote while on my way to home;

Its inspired from the fascinating environment around which made me feel the inner beauty of a girl and how someone pass by hurting her pure feelings. She might never express her wounds in words but her facial expressions, her eyes, her voice depicts her true picture and the one who can read them can never stop loving her.

The Painting of my face,

Lost its charming beauty,

From the day you slapped me,

And showed your cruelty.

The Painting of my eyes,

Lost it glittering & blushing effect,

From the time you left me,

And bestowed those tears.

The Painting of my lips,

Lost its appealing smile,

From the moment you hurt me,

And proved me wrong.

The Painting of my heart,

Lost it red blood color,

From the instant you stabbed me,

And filled in it your disloyal love.

The Painting of my life,

Lost it breath to live,

From the period you robbed me,

And made me lifeless.

The Painting of my own self,

Lost its wish to get pictured,

From the phase of realization,

That you are its artist!


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