The need of love!

After my last fiction I am back again with another on demands of my readers. I am so glad that you all had appreciated my work and hoping that you will respond in the same manner for this one also.




Shweta kept the glass almost with a thud on the table as she finished the last sip of the vine. Every weekend when her friends or co-mates partied around with their partner she drank to overcome her loneliness. She pressed the ‘up’ button to change the music which was tuning on her music system.

She had got everything in her life what her parents wished she had, from career success to lavishing luxurious life but she couldn’t fulfil their one wish, which was to marry and get settled. She couldn’t find anyone whom she could accept as her life partner for they didn’t met up that guy, her love. Even after trying a lot she couldn’t stop loving him and always ended up thinking of him. She said to her that she no more loved him but her heart never agreed this. He was the one who could only complete her but he never knew her, He just existed in her dreams and not in real. She decided not to spoil anyone’s life by being unfaithful and so stayed unmarried.

Her phone vibrated. She took it out of her pocket to check. It was one of her close friend calling her.  She rejected the call and kept the phone aside. It again beeped but this time there was a message saying “I know you would make an excuse of being busy in meeting. Stay busy and happy alone if that’s what you only want.”

She knew her beloved ones would have supported her but she didn’t wanted to be a disturbance in their personal life & came all way alone to Germany to built up a small life of her own.

“I am with you…” Co-incidentally the song played was one of her friend’s favourite playlist. She stood up & danced in sub-conscious state of mind to the music but fell down on the couch nearby. She laughed to her stupidity.

She had made the solitude as her partner and her habit of living. The girl who has been the most lively ever in her group and who used to bring charm in everyone’s life has herself lost her charms.

She opened the lid of the bowl kept on the table, which served a special dish. She closed it back refusing to eat it.

                She used to love varieties before. She admired the delicious food and was quite foodie but now she only ate to fill her stomach. Quiet and simple living was what had become her life.

She saw a new mail in her inbox, which read her sister’s message “Come back dear. Why you doing this to yourself? You must try to live life. I wish I could have been there for you & scold you to be happy always. I know you aren’t and you can’t fake to me”

                She being the most lovable among all was most pampered always by everyone. But now she hated herself for she knew she was hurting everyone because she had chosen a tough life for her own self.

There were some photos attached to that mail. It was her niece photos. She smiled seeing the innocent kid posing for getting a photograph in different actions.

                At a time even she was known for her best photography. She was passionate about clicking photos on every moment of every single thing. She believed that one should capture the special times in camera. Her present life had no such special occasion that she wish to click any and so her camera was kept to rest in her wardrobe.

Her sister had even asked to send one of her latest photos, as it had been long she had not shared any. “I am happy. You needn’t worry. Why wouldn’t I be? I have got everything a human desire. The need of a partner isn’t important to be fulfilled for everyone. Virginity sometimes satisfies you, stating that you will live pure forever. I have got care and love more than my share from all of you & had enough to cherish all through my life. I’ll send my photos soon. Take care” she typed.

                Beauty at its best! Shweta was simply perfect in every terms may it be talent, intelligence or beauty but nowadays she didn’t groom up anymore. She hated to be noticed by anyone and even avoided sharing her photos. Every time she said she would the receiver knew she won’t saying she forgot.

She switched off the music as the songs, the messages… almost everything today was reminding of her past, which she left long back ago. She searched through her diary for any work but all pending were done.  There was nothing around which could keep her busy and she felt suffocated.

                Staying busy always is what she had made her agenda and way to pass time. From past few years she never kept herself idle for it seems like killing her.

She rested her back on the couch and a tear dropped her eyes. The maiden who just passed by quickly rushed to her for she had never seen her mistress crying even in the most worst and bad times.

Shweta was known for her brave nature. She was both physically and mentally strong but when it comes to her heart, she always lost in fighting from that pain.

On being enquired if everything was alright she spoke “Yes! It had been long I was waiting for my eyes to get wet.” she laughed. “And today I have got everything. Now I only wish to…” she stopped to breathe. She looked above at her maiden “will you help me to go to church?”

Whatever may be the situation, however crucial times have been to her she had never lost her faith on god. She never forgets to pray and spend time with the creator of her existence.

“It’s too late to go outside now. I’ll take you in the morning dear, you must sleep now…” before the maiden could finish she got her response aloud “I want to go to the church, NOW!!” Shweta screamed to get her orders to be fulfilled.

                She had always been a stubborn girl though understanding yet she made sure every time that she do what her heart had asked her do to so. Her heart was now broken but still she never stopped listening to the lament noise within her.

“Are you taking me along or shall I move out alone?” She looked with rage of anger towards her and the maiden was helpless in front of her.

Her eyes were admired by everyone. They were quite pretty and deep, even when she not used to drink. Today they seemed weak but yet powerful that no one could dare to disobey in front of them.

“I am sorry. But please I really wish to go there.” Shweta said pleadingly for she never liked to rule or order in a bad manner. The maiden nodded her head in acceptance.

The driver was asked to drive while they sat in the car at the back seat. Whole way Shweta was silently looking out, admiring the wonderful environment. Just as they were about to reach the road next to them had a traffic jam.

“We both can go to the church It isn’t too far from here” Shweta exclaimed. As both of them walked out, the maiden helped her move along for she was in total drunk condition. On half way shweta stopped.

                “He is simply outstanding and dashing. Deep brown eyes, black hairs, broad shoulders, slim but yet strong, not so fair but yet handsome and he even gets a dimple on his right cheek when he smiles cutely. ” She said to her friends when they asked about her dream boy. “ You know I still can picture his face in front of my eyes for I never stop dreaming about him even when I am awake.” She jumped in excitement telling them.

The red light went green and all the cars rushed to move out of the traffic but she was standing dumbstruck until his car suddenly passed striking her hard.

 Shweta fell down on the pavement. Her head, hands and leg were wounded badly and bleeding. Her maiden screamed for help but she asked her to take to church as she wanted to thanks lastly. Not paying much attention to her words the maiden ran to call the driver.

 The passersby join to make a crowd. The car stopped and he moved to come out of the car but the girl sitting to next to him hold his hands to stop him. She refused him and asked to leave but he was confused. He wasn’t able to make up and left in frustration.

Someone had picked her up to take her to the hospital. She smiled in pain as she saw him again on the other side of the road taking turn.  

The screams and shout was still disturbing his ears. He was looking in front to drive but his mind was there somewhere back. He drove as fast as he could. He wasn’t able to decide why he left in such a situation. He wanted to help her.

“He doesn’t need to recognize me, his heart will pull him towards mine” she answered.

 Life never made him hers but she was destined to meet her and that was supposed to be her last wish, which was fulfilled.








2 thoughts on “The need of love!

  1. Awesome Isha! *bows* the loneliness,empty feeling inside her u have written it brilliantly 🙂
    How she changed from a chirpy girl to a loner??the decision to not ruin someone else life & not getting married is a braver decision! lovely characterization ..i can’t stop praising u 🙂
    looking forward to further updates 🙂


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