The love of her life

She leaned back on her couch and he who was settled down on the chair at the front came to sit beside her.  She knew he was staring at her but she let those deep hazel eyes go through her. Suddenly she felt his warm hands on hers. Her face went red with blush. He smiled at her innocence.  As he moved forward towards her bared neck she could feel his fragrance, making her heart beat faster. He whispered gently in her ear “I love you my life”, the words echoed like a sweet melodious song, which she would love to hear forever. Touching her velvety cheek with his hands gently he caressed her. She struggled to say those 3 magical words in response to his but he read them in those timid and twinkling eyes. Her lips trembled but went still as his locked with hers… She hugged him cosily and he embraced her in his strong arms. She felt secure and knew nobody can harm in his presence. Her eyes looked above to meet his passionate gaze.  He kissed on her forehead saying as if “not even the air could dare to touch you without my permission.”  As she rested her head on his warm chest, His finger played with her hairs and slightly shifted to her fair skin moving towards her back teasingly. Affectionately closing her eyes she became motionless. Her mind wanted to stop him but then her heart let it go for she knew he was hers and she wanted to be only of him. He touched her and she felt purified, he kissed her and she considered herself complete, he loved her and she found her life blessed. The air flowing through the open window, the dim moonlight, the droplets of rain, the music…. Everything around was simply perfect adding to the top, her love beside her but a tear dropped down as she opened her eyes for she found that life has played prank with her.

She loved him yet couldn’t be hers. He completed her existence but he wasn’t him for the reason he was in her imagination and reality was someone else. She goes bewildered to see him in front as she belonged to the boy who she married to, whose beloved wife she is supposed to be. She rushed to rest room and stood under the shower. He has left an imprint of his love on her but she loved the love of her life. She screamed in pain with which her heart was going through. Something struck her hard and she found her being shake by her mother who was horrified to see her crying.  She stood up straight to realise she was lying on her bed and that was just dream. “He…” she spoke absent minded. Her mother questioned if she was fine. “Nothing! I am fine” she said taking a deep breath. While her worried mother left the room, she took out his photograph from her bedside drawer.

The only words she could utter were “I can’t help and I just know that I will love him the end of my life” she gulped her throat.


12 thoughts on “The love of her life

  1. Awesome *bow* you brilliantly wrote this one. Love of her Life.The love,passion & the screams.. all strung in one string. Just a question the girl was remembering her husband i.e. her lover.


    • Im glad you liked it… 🙂
      Well, the girl was making love with her better half but she imagined it to be her lover and when she realized the truth she was taken aback to find him in front.


  2. Good, consistent characters, especially the woman’s. I’m curious to know why she was dreaming of that man – I wonder who he is.

    “He smiled at her innocence” is my favorite line. Simple and strong.


    • First of all welcome to my blog.. And it was so sweet of you to appreciate it. Well, she was particularly dreaming of what she fear, i.e. she didn’t wanted to be of someone else except her lover and that’s what was the dream about.


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