My encounter of meeting you!

11th july, 2011 the date becomes special in my life for we met.

Yes! I met one of my online friends. It would not be enough to say him just as an online friend of mine. Maybe he is much more than a friend to me. No! Not my love but some people have special place in your life and same is the case is with him.

“What would you like say when we would meet?” I asked him once when we starting interacting and he simply said that “I don’t know, I guess I would be too shy to say anything”

Finally the day came after 2 years & 11months of our friendship, when we both must not have even imagined of meeting each other, anyways it happened. Lol! I found myself more confused in deciding what to say rather he was continuously trying to begin the conversation every time I get quiet after talking a bit. I remember that I used to tease him always saying you never speak much and it’s always me the chatterbox who keeps on talking. Today it was totally a contrary to what I just said above. But maybe I loved being a listener for the first time.  However, he did complaint about this many times but I knew he would understand my hesitation in talking so freely.

I simply consider myself damn lucky to have him as my friend for the reason that he is very caring to the extent that you simply don’t need to say anything because he is already there helping you out of your problems and surely the best in understanding because he can even read the silence though we are too far away and obviously he did that today also, by making me feel secure and comfortable with him all through.

We fight many times in fact we usually fight for we are different at many things and in many thoughts but one thing is surely common between us and i.e. our bonding. How deadly the conversation must have ended up but still the bonding never dies. Recently itself we had a big argument with regard to something and we indeed didn’t interact much from past few weeks.

Few days back, when I heard the news of his arrival, I was bit sad for I doubted if he would like to meet me or not. I wanted to meet but didn’t want to force him. I felt bad thinking he’ll be present in my own city and yet we won’t be meeting but as always he became the reason of my smile after all the sufferings. He messaged me. He knew we weren’t talking in spite of that he was sure we would love to hang out together.

I don’t know how but since the first day I happen to interact with him, I’ve always had the intuition that yes, I can trust him blindly. I know he would never mean to harm me, whatever be the situation. People says that the attraction fades as the days pass on but for me by passing time I grew more close to him. Each and every day I found that I am having become fond of his existence in my life.

When I left my home to reach the destination where we planned to meet I was wondering should I really go and meet him. Almost everyone said you can’t trust him as you have just interacted online or on phone and you can’t judge a person like that. But I’m glad he proved all of them wrong. It’s like sometimes we might be free to talk but when we meet we aren’t contended. The aura of his existence truly made me cherish the moment. I never had been so comfortable with any boy ever. To be honest I never had been so close to any boy though I have many friends.

We had hardly spent together four hours. Might be for anyone it would not be enough to have fun but I seriously enjoyed it.

At first when I reached I was so stupid to say him a “hi” But on not getting any response I took it to be my mistake considering him as someone else. I know it’s funny but that how it was. I then called up him and as I turned to find him he was just in front of me again.

“You know I fear that even if you would come at my place still you may get lost in the crowd and wouldn’t be able to find me.” I said him to which he just simply stated that “you needn’t worry as my eyes would surely find you and I would come straight away to stand in front of you”

He kept his words. Love you for that 🙂

We preceded our journey by going to church and I’m happy you didn’t deny accompanying me.  I’m sorry for I made you walk so much in the hot just to visit that church. I just wanted to thanks the almighty to make my dream come true. I have always dreamt of meeting few of my special friends and you were surely among them.

After that when we travelled through and I was uncomfortable due to the overcrowded metro, you happen to make out that so easily. I don’t know how you read me through. Not even the people who stay with me can make out through my expressions. No doubt today I must have travelled the most, ever I did but still it was worth.  Each and every moment was elite.

He assured me that he was at my back to support me though he knew I wouldn’t fall.

We finally entered the mall and there you never let me feel awkward despite the fact that many eyes were breaking the privacy I wanted to keep regarding our relation. Later in the restaurant also when we were busy clearing out our facts on which we had the fight I was supposed to cry but your eyes and your words didn’t let me. I knew if a tear dropped out of mine it would pain in yours. You said it before itself that you didn’t want to spoil the day but just for my sake we had a chat of that and truly I feel much relaxed now. Just those few words were so expressive that I didn’t need to hear anymore or anyone. If you are there with me I really don’t care about others.

The respect, the trust, the understanding everything grew stronger and I promise this would never ever be broken.

Btw here are some few unsaid words by me… maybe few of them I even said after we parted away to go to our own destination. I wanted to stop you for some more time but then I had to accept that you got to leave.

  • You look extremely handsome than you seem in your photographs.
  • Your eyes are so deep and pretty so don’t mind If I avoided to look straight into them 😛
  • I used to fear always to meet for one reason that you have got such big height but thankfully I didn’t felt so embarrassing. Moreover, it helped me to hide in the crowd lol
  • I am going to miss you a lot whenever I visit the place we had been today. If truth to be told I think that’s going to be everyday for we had spend most of the time in metro and that’s through which I usually travel.
  • Any girl would be lucky to have you as her life partner. Truly I mean it. Not because you are my friend but the way you make anyone feel special in your company by treating them with so much care and comfort. You did that for me too, thanks for it.
  • I wish we lived in the same city so that I could make all my moments special just like todays. I know when we get a little we wish for more. But that’s human nature I can’t help it 😛
  • Lastly you not fulfilled my dream of meeting my special friend but even made this day remarkable in my life.

Keep smiling for you look so cute when you smile. Yes one more thing I forgot to pull your cheeks 😉

I’ll make this pending for our next meeting and that would surely not be on my marriage but much before that 🙂

(This is for those friends of mine who have been teasing me since morning that I have gone for a date. Boo!!!!)


10 thoughts on “My encounter of meeting you!

  1. Isha You know what, I was waiting to listen from you about everything.. And its worth of waiting, M feeling bit jealous here coz in all our meetings, we hardly spent 1 hour together…:P And anybody would love to spend time with him.. reason you know nao..:) And we are lucky chutki, and he too..:P
    I am very happy for you… love you..:D

    One more thing, If you would have known him better, you would have never doubt about chances of meeting n all


    • i knew that many of you were waiting and i wanted to express my feeling to the best and in the best way i could for it meant something exclusive for me and so finally i wrote it.
      lol @ feeling jealous. Come’n dee you needn’t be jealous for you were the first one to meet him and rather you have met many times. Above of this you are his N-dee, truly special person in his life and mine too. Nobody can take your place 🙂
      I agree at ” anybody would love to spend time with him”
      I actually choose one more hour to spend and that’s why i stopped him when he was about to leave saying i want to clear our the matter 😉

      yup… we are lucky no doubt. Im glad i’ve friends like you in my life.

      I know i shouldn’t have and i didn’t even for i Ignored them and agreed to meet but I do respect each ones experience and words.


  2. Wonderful post Isha… keep writing… looking forward to more… 🙂

    Wow, and the guy you have described seem… well, PERFECT… everyone needs somebody like that. Someone whose existence lights up their world. Someone who just makes you smile when you think of them smile, or feel their hug, warmth or gentleness… I can identify completely… and yes… as you point its the undefinable comfort factor that always draws people together. I hope that youre able to connect more and again with your online special “friend”… companion… this guy who brings a smile to your face…

    I don’t know what it is… but when I read your thoughts, i feel goosies… like youre in my mind or I have been in yours! 🙂



    • I’m glad you liked it. Ya it was worth meeting him… I would have regretted for sure if i would have denied.
      Thanks a a lot for appreciating my friend, ya he is indeed perfect and i feel proud to be known as his friend.
      I too hope we do meet again and again for it brings a charm in my life.

      Well, when i wrote I just wanted to express my feelings to the best and let everyone know how he cheered up my day to the best.


  3. hey busy bee, 😀
    Loved to read your experience.”Its always good to dream” 😉 Your experience is like a ray of hope for those u wish to meet their online friends but are dubious cause of the bad incidents that happen around.. the way u mentioned about your friend is really sweet u both are surely lucky to have each other as friends.. 🙂 He’s “Prefect ” & next time don’t forget to pull his cheeks lol!
    Love Ya,
    Silky 🙂
    hey sammy good to see ya here 🙂


    • Aww!! choo chweet of you to read and reply… Well, I am a big dreamer but ya its best when they become true 😉
      Hmm… even i hope that everyone gets to meet their true online frnds in life. 🙂
      Lol i dunno if i am good to be as a frnd of anyone but yaah surely i am surely lucky to have so many good frnds (that inlcudes you too *hugz*)

      yup, i’ll surely pull them 😀

      anyways im so glad to see you here. Love you too ❤


  4. Yes this is the best way to express your feelings and yes nobody can take anybody’s place, its like what you are, i cannot be and Its superb to be part of each other life..:)


  5. wow…thats awesm meeting widsum 1….
    i must say that u hv descrbd each 7 evry point very well…dt i can even imagine thereall scene….
    lucky u to hv a frnd lyk him & more lucky he is to hv a trustworthy frnd like u


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