Proud to be an Aspiring CA…!!

Happy Chartered Accountant day!

Yes, this day has a great impact on my life for very obvious reason because I’m an aspiring CA student. If this profession wouldn’t have existed where would I have been landed? Seriously, sometime I simply wonder what could I have pursued if not this, but then I find myself totally blank. Neither I’m good at medical nor engineering. Leave these two but to be honest I never had a career oriented attitude. It was always just to do something which has practical approach. I hate learning to the worst extent. We learn and learn when we are child but as we grow up we find that none of those theories, formulas, etc. is applied in practical life. Real life is damn too different from those we study in our colleges and schools. There they teach you how everything is formed but when you enter in the corporate world you have to again form a new market, a new product, a new service, a new technique, a new approach… totally a new venture for you.

While I was going through a tough period of selecting which path to choose like any other student of 10th class it was my tutor, who suggested me to opt for commerce. He had proved to be a turning point of my life when I joined his coaching in 9th class, as he showed me my real capability unlike any other teacher who betrayed me stating a poor student. He knew I can’t bear those mugging up of lessons like we have to for science and social science until 10th Std. I guess I was the only student in the whole examination hall who was so happy after appearing for these two subject’s 10th board exam and not because they went fantabulous but for I knew my journey of these subjects have ended up now. I waved them a bye and felt so relaxed lol!

My sir gave me a brief idea of what CA is all about and I instantly choose to get my registration. Though I didn’t knew what was coming up in my future. It was later I realised that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea for one need to have lots of patience and hard work to accomplish the goal of becoming a CA. Never mind, still I am glad that I wasn’t totally wrong as it has given me the experience of life I was awaiting for. From the day I cleared my entrance exam till date I have learned lots of things related to practical life. Along with that I have gained enough confidence to face the challenges. Not that, I have learned every aspect of life. Yet there is lot to learn but for sure I’m totally different from what I was when I joined this field.

Each and every day you have to solve new cases, you have look upon new criteria to handle a matter and most importantly the struggle factor. No doubt to become a successful chartered accountant one need to struggle a lot. CA is a person who is said to be base of any organisation and its achievement. If you want it to prove as a success you need to be very dedicated and hard working.  Apart from gaining practical knowledge you have to do deep study and stay updated with the new upcoming. It includes a variety; taxation, accounting, auditing, legal laws, financial management and much more. One can say a mix of various fields altogether but every variant need to be at top priority level for it’s the total mix which leads to a best outcome. So, Overall a total package of everything at perfection level.

Though I’m still pursuing CA but I know I’m surely going to give a big hand in my future to any organisation business and their strategies.

Keep rocking my CA pals we are the future of our country!


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