Bad My Addiction…!!

Bad My Addiction!

People say the one who is with you when nobody is there is your best buddy so; I say even bad thoughts come up in your mind when you are alone.

People say the one who makes you feel better by his or her presence when you are sad is your best companion so; I say even bad deeds you do, make you satisfy at that moment.

People say the one who can struggle against whole world just for your sake is your best pal so; I say even bad disease fights to save you from the cruel world by taking your life, though separating from loved ones.

People say the one who stays with you eternally is your true best friend so; I say even badly times stays along almost forever.

People say a friend is always there to guide you so; I say even bad things direct you in life, though towards wrong path.

People say when you’re that best mate, is there you don’t need anyone else so; I say with Bad you don’t need anyone, for it doesn’t let you.

People say it’s bad so; I say “I know it’s bad yet I am addicted to it, for I can’t find any reason or way to stay away from it.

Not contradictory with any of the above I’ve made bad my habit, my best friend forever. But for you all people never forget however, it may be yet it is Bad, not for its name is BAD but it was meant to be BAD!” Ruining people lives….


2 thoughts on “Bad My Addiction…!!

  1. Well all depends on how you take it. Goes like “Problems to hai sab ke pass bus nazariye ki hai baat”. When bad things can direct you, so can the good. When bad times can stay for long, so can the good. Disease can stay just for a while, where as good health does for almost 3/4th of your life…


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