The First Article of my life…!

This is an article I wrote for one of my friend, who has to submit it in his magazine of which he is the editor. The day he asked me, we were simply like talking about something and then he questioned me… if i could help him in writing an article related to latest trends and fashion on haircut and hairstyles. Lol! I wondered from the entire world why he asked me for this, I had never ever written any article, except in exams.  But he thought I can at least give a try for he wasn’t having much knowledge about such girly stuffs lol

Now, how could I deny as he has always been helpful to me somehow in one or another way and it was time for me to give a hand of help. Finally, I accepted and sit to write whatever I could… Though it didn’t come out much nice and in fact later he made some changes in it before the submission yet I’m sharing here the rough draft of the article I wrote. Nothing so outstanding but it made me feel good as it was the first article of my life!

 Trends and Fashion

‘Trends and Fashion’ are the two words which are commonly found nowadays in today’s generation. Everywhere people have become fond of following the latest trends and fashion. There is a very common fact about this so called trends and fashion i.e. they keep shifting from time to time. The start of a new year marks the opportunity for redefining one’s outlook on the next 12th months.

Fashion and trends come across in almost everything, one can say from tip to toe. Yes! You can easily find people talking about trends in hairstyles, dresses, accessories, etc. But all of these hairstyles are something about which girls are more cautious about and why not they be a hairstyle can change your overlook.

Hairstyles are of different types and go differently according to the shape and size of a face and go along with new hair cut and hair colour.

There used to be a point of time when very long hairs were kept and girls used to admire it. But as already said trends and fashion keep varying or you can say people shift from one to another.  Yet fashion in many times inspired by past. You can watch out there are new hair trend heavily influenced by the recent spring 2010 catwalks, and there are adoptions of last year hair trends.

The popularity of milkmaid braids in 2009 evolves into the braided hairstyle trend in 2010. There are two distinct braided hairstyles, the long side braid and the fish plait. The speciality of these braided hairstyles is that they are great with any hair colours. The fish plait can be worn with a centre part and both the styles are great for any season.

The most famous long waived hair is also very much inspired by 1940’s. They are also suitable for all hair colours, though less effective on black hair. It’s advisable to wear it with an off-centre or side part, not a centre part and length wise, it must fall below shoulders. This hairstyle is also suitable for almost every season.

Next there is one more very commonly found in catwalks i.e. straight long hair, naturally styled. Well, it’s preferable to have slickly styled not so slick as then it looks over straighten.  It goes along with both a side and a centre part. Certainly this style works for long hair up to waist. Such hairstyles usually are adopted in summer and winter seasons.

Now if talk about haircuts smooth, long layers is gaining much popularity. Layers will give you an enigmatic aura and, if you streak the layers, it adds life and bounce to the whole finish.  But they look great more on long hair but if one has medium length hair, panelling is a good idea for such hair, which demands the twisting layers. Other than this bob short hair is very attractive flyaway look, often suits straight hair. If your hair is thick, you may prefer a blunt crop. 

All of these, red hair and are the new bombshells. This colour has its own beauty having a plenty of ongoing appeal in 2010.

Generally waves and curls are pretty big this year. Even rebonding or straightening is quite trendy nowadays depending on your length of hair. You might follow any hairstyle but first make sure how those hairstyles and hair cut will work in that particular do.  One can even style their hair by different accessories. Hair accessories come in different attractive shapes, size and styles like cute hair pins, butterfly clips, ruffles, beads, diamonds, vibrant colour feathers, hair bands etc.

 Headscarves and bands are great for adding to many different hairstyles. Hair jewellery probably is the most used hair accessories because of the variety of different types of jewels, different styles, and sparkle that comes with using these hair items because different colours of jewels go along with different shades, there are choices to be made.

Even flower hair accessories have always looked fabulous and helped create an innocent, sweetheart look. Flower shaped hair accessories can come in a variety of sizes and colours as they all look beautiful.

Last but not least the most important thing to remember if you’re not happy with what your hair does, or looks like naturally there are countless ways to change it. But keep in mind that none of these things are permanent 🙂

 Hope you like it.




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