Love of my life!

❤ This is a sweet lil poem written by me hope you like it and understand the simplicity of a gal’s heart, who is wishing to get nothing else, just care n love by her dream lover ❤

Someone who always make sure my every tear sheds out of happiness,

Someone who would never want to lose a sight of mine & nor do I,

Someone who would stands by my side when whole world is against me,

Shall be the love of my life.

Those lovable arms in whose hug I can forget the entire world,

Those adorable eyes in whose deep slumber I can simply fall,

Those affectionate words for whom I can wait for infinite centuries,

Would be of the love of my life.

A person who will like me for I as a person,

A person who will love me till I look old,

A person who will adore my messy face of mornings,

He is the love of my life.

And for that someone, for this person

I would simply die to say everyday endlessly that

You are the love of all my life!



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