Beginning of My Dream


A warm welcome to my blog for all the readers of ParadiseVslife.

 Before moving further i would first like to introduce myself as I’m sure no one would be knowing much about me other than what I wrote on my profile. Being a common individual in this world I survive as a normal human being. No fame and nor I want to gain any. I am no big celebrity but just that I am writing for the reason I love to pen down my emotions and feelings. I’m not even a good writer but I am fond of writing and I am glad to have a friend like Ricky who actually encouraged me to move further and a start a blog of mine.

So, Cheers on the start of my new blog and this one is for you my sweet friend for you always have been special in my life. One reason among them is that I got you when I actually needed you.

Now as the title says this is the beginning of my dream. Yes! I have always dream to write about my life and share it with everyone.  But it wouldn’t be complete without you all, my readers, as you are the one who can help me by telling me am I on a right path or not?

Your support and replies will always be appreciated I promise and I’ll make sure I keep on sharing forever and whenever I can.


8 thoughts on “Beginning of My Dream

  1. Hey Isha, came across your blog through RKF and reading it was brilliant. I could so identify with every thought and found it engaging, poignant, stirring and very honest. You write so beautifully and looking forward to reading you more and more. 🙂



    • Hi dear,
      well, its great to hear from you and im glad to find that you liked and appreciated it.
      Thanx for your support. You seriously gave me an inspiration…
      It will be my honour to have you as my blog reader.

      Isha 🙂


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